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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Here is a poster I received from my pal Robert "One Man" Johnson that he is going to be putting up on his upcoming tour to Japan. and here is what he had to say:

I am subbing today and will for the next two weeks. It is an easy way to make money for golf. I am going tonight to meet and play some music for a guy who owns a couple of music clubs in Bangkok. I would love to get a legal license to play. You need a sponsor and have to be certified by the government. I had a license in Shanghai, but here you need it even more. I will get one temporarily for the Phuket Blues Festival, but I'd like one that would allow me to play anywhere in the country. Their are some places in the south in really nice touristic areas where I could play at night when we are vacationing.

We have decided to go to Paris in April. We have some Turkish friends who we have known since 1983 and we always talked and dreamed about going to Paris. So, we are going to do it. The extra year next year of teaching for Margery and not having to pay out for health insurance will pay for it. We can only work two years in Thailand without passing a formal test in Thai language and also paying 25% income taxes so, you can be sure that next year will be the last.

I have attached a poster of my Nagoya tour starting the 5th of February. I thought you might get a kick out of it as it is bilingual. I should just about make enough money in cover charges and sales of CDs to pay for the plane ticket. It too may be my last trip to Japan. I am looking forward to it.

Best wishes to a fine musician and songwriter and even better friend!


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