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Saturday, January 2, 2010


January second and the year's first cold snap is upon us with temperatures expected to bottom out at ten below zero tonight which always makes me nervous about the bungalow as I have visions of water pipes bursting somewhere in the dark hours illuminated only by the full moon. I must remember to crack the cold water faucet to a trickle before I close down shop here tonight. for some reason that's supposed to help.

Today was one of those days that no matter how much wood I stuffed into the stove, I could not take the chill off the place. Earlier this evening I thought I had best crank up the thermostat and let the furnace run a bit - just to be certain that it is in fact throwing warm air.

I just came back over from the house to check on the state of things and it appears that the furnace is working as it should be. No I can replenish the stove and hope for the best overnight. thought I would print this picture of the exterior of the bungalow after the first snow fall. see the tall piles of fire wood under the tarps? Well, sad to say, the stack on the right is now entirely used up with the last load I just brought in. this means I have used up two thirds of my original load of firewood with some of the coldest weather yet to come.

I hate to think about having to buy more wood before spring! but ---

We went out to lunch today. tried a new Mexican restaurant located on the north end of London road, Tequila Azul. Great food at very reasonable prices. Kim had a huge bowl of chicken soup with rice and plenty of diced white meat, freshly cut avacado and lots and lots of fresh cilantro. I opted for the huevos rancheros which was very good also. We will certainly return!

Kim is leaving next week with "The Get-Away-Girls" on a Caribbean cruise for over a week. Me? I will be holding down the fort and taking care of the little kitties.

Hammy is a stinker! He gets into everything! Recently he discovered that our tub is a whirl pool and he has figured out how to pry loose the panel that allows a repair person to get at the guts of the machinery if necessary. it is only held on by vellcro tabs. Well, that was the case until today. We made a trip to Menard's and bought four spring loaded tabs that I super glued into position and the door is now closed and the room is off limits until the glue sets up.

Too bad he's just so damn cute! What can you do???


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