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Monday, January 4, 2010


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You saw it here first ladies and gentlemen!

Do you think that Mr. Favre sat around idle during the time he first told coach Brad Childress that he had decided to retire for good this year? No, no, my naive little football fans! The Brettster had a couple of really good reasons to make that announcement. first of all, it is well known by those who worked in the inner sanctum of Lambeau's offices that Mr. Favre hates pre-season practices. He would rather dress in women's clothing and cavort than have to do two-a-days in the hot sun of August.

So instead, since Deanna had signed up to take belly dancing lessons this past August, Brett, in his loving husbandly way, accompanied Deanna to the comfort of the air conditioned dance studio.

Yes, at first he meant only to come along to keep her company, fully aware that he would want to spend as much time with her as possible before the pre-season had concluded and he would then do his flip-flop and report in time for the regular season. But as he watched Deanna and all the other lovely Bohemian Green Bay ladies work out, he found himself curiously aroused not only by this style of dance but by the costuming as well.

So while they were driving home after dance practice one day, Brett announced that he would really like to give belly dancing a try -- and (look out, here comes the second reason) it made perfect sense that he learn the dance of the magic carpet as he would be dancing all of his regular season games on the magic carpet of Mr. Ziggy's accursed Humphrey dome.

The result? After only a week's study, they made this video! At great expense a top notch crew (the kind that produces Rock videos) came in with an entire semi load of special effects including a green screen and what you see when you click on the accompanying video is the result! So sit back and enjoy!

Even now there are serious negotiations to purchase the rights to the video so that it might be shown at half time of the Super Bowl this year! Buzz Cook, however, says the parties are no where near settling on a contract. The final figure is rumored to be well over $20 million.


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