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Monday, June 6, 2011


Yesterday Kim and I accompanied a very excited Patty Stangel out to look at what she hopes will become "Wildlife Rehabilitation and Release, Inc.", a center designed to take care of injured birds and animals that have been found in the Chippewa Valley and turned in to her by citizens who care about wild life.

Patty first became involved in this endeavor when she worked as an assistant at "White Pine Rehab" with John and June. When John was diagnosed with cancer, the couple annoounced that the center would be forced to be closed.

Patty finally talked them into letting her take the animals that were still there and she proceeded to walk the beaurocratic maize necessary to become an authorized wildlife rehabilitaion agent.

Patty is truly a renaissance woman with many talents. She is an interior decorator, an incredible wild life photographer, she successfully owned Patty's Pub down town Eau Claire for years and managed the restaurant at her brother's motel/restaurant complex.

I have known Patty for years and have never seen anyone who has a connection with animals that she has. For years she rescued wild kittens that were born on her small property before the father of the little ones could kill them. She provided us with two of our all time favorite house cats, "Harley" and "Hannah" and we referred to her as "Aunt Patty" because the cats would recognize her every time she came to visit.

Right now, Patty has in custody four great horned owls, a great snowy owl, a very small baby raccoon, a little red squirrel, a sawhett, and a Canadian gosling that devoured too much blue algae and cannot hold his head up properly.

Patty's days are spent feeding and caring for each of the creatures individually. She is truly the Chippewa Valley's version of "St Francis of Assissi

I am sure that when word gets out that the spirit of White Pine lives on, a menagerie of broken wings, broken legs, and all forms of illness will come under her care.

She takes any of the animals that need veterinary care to the vet. Right now, funding is what she is really going to need. To that end I am hoping to put my band back together and continually play fund raisers just for that purpose.
If and when that comes to be, I will post on Face Book.

I hope that the Chippewa Valley will respond to this beautiful gem that sets us aside as a very special, giving society!

June 7 - NOTE: I found out today that Partty had to have the poor little gosling put to sleep as her condition continually worsened. Too much nerve damage from the algae. Another example of how humans are ruining habitat environment - my deepest sympathy, Patty, as I know this hurts your heart!

To end on a happy note, however, today Patty signed the necessary sale papers and the log home is hers, officially! She has asked that I not disclose the exact location but to tell everyone that it is within a 20 mile drive of Eau Claire and is on a magnificent wooded hill side lot. Eventually she will build steps onto the deck for visitors as the downstairs door will lead into the animal rehabilitation center.

Today is D-DAY, the sixth of June. On this day in 1944, the greatest military operation in the history of man was successfully launched.

How fitting then, to have today be the day of another invasion. Today I have laproscopic surgery to repair a hiatal hernia which has impeded my singing and speaking voice for several years. I go under at 1PM! Wish me luck!

Another Note for June 7: I am home from surgery. It went very well. Now I live on liquids until June 21 and then learn how to eat all over again ... slowly with much chewing!


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