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Saturday, June 4, 2011


I thought this a pertinent picture to post on my blog. How does that old joke go? Politicians are like diapers - they are generally full of shit and both need changing often.

Lately it has been my thought that this country's voters are getting exactly what they thought they wanted with the 2010 election.
Yesterday I had a conversation with my chiropractor and he admitted that he had voted for Walker, a decisiion he says now he regrets.

I don't have any faith in either of our major parties. Neither will take a stand for the two most important tenets of a lasting world: PEACE AND JUSTICE.

When Barack O'Bama was elected I thought he was telling the truth in his campaign promises - but instead he has become a "Jackie Robinson" of politics, just trying to do a job but being very careful not to upset the white man. Consequently he has been a huge disappointment to me in matters of peace and justice.

What are we still doing fighting a useless war in Afghanistan ? A war by the way that recently set history as the longest war America has ever been involved in. A war that emptied our coffers and filled the pockets of the military complex - can you say "Cheney"?

It is laughable that Mr. O'bama was given a Nobel Peace Prize - for what?

And let's not even talk Republicans. They are generally insane, greedy, racist, sexist, extremely wealthy - with some totally misled dying middle class that still believes the shit that they are dealing out for good mix, included the deluded Tea Party Patriots..

I had a chance to perform for a luncheon of hospital volunteers and somewhere in the show I said: Catholic and Republican are a contradiction in terms."

As for me, as my race is almost run, all I can do is hang on to hope that the fat pigs in congress don't get rid of Medicare.


And to prove my point:

from good old TEXAS:

Texas Cheerleader Fined $45k For Refusing to Applaud Her Rapist
May 8, 2011

A cheerleader in Silsbee Texas was dropped from her high school’s cheer leading squad for refusing to join in a cheer for a team member, Rakheem Bolton, who had raped her. His charges were bargained down to two years of probation, community service, a fine and a requirement to take anger-management classes.In exchange, he was taken back on the team for which HS was employed as a cheerleader.

Of course, when the cheerleading team was told to cheer for Bolton, this put HS in a quandary. She decided, quite understandably to stand with arms folded instead of cheering the person she had taken to court for rape.Richard Bain, the school superintendent, demanded that she leave the game, and tried to browbeat her into cheering her rapist. When she refused, he expelled her from the cheerleading squad.

Following this, HS sued Silsbee High School for violating her free speech. HS lost, and appealed her loss all the way to the Supreme Court, which declined to hear the case. Now HS must pay $45,000.00 to the school district for filing a “frivolous lawsuit”.

There is plenty of blame to go around. The court’s decision is, needless to say, outrageous. But Silsbee High School has shown loudly and clearly that it does not give a damn about rape victims, bullying victims or anyone who falls to the nether reaches of the high school food chain. Rakheem Bolton should have been expelled from the team for his behavior. Unfortunately, in Silsbee, Texas, character means absolutely nothing.Richard Bain is a failure as an educator, unfit to teach or serve in any high school. Unfortunately, he probably reflects the values of Silsbee Texas.

I can’t say a whole lot for the other cheerleaders either, who refused to stand by HS when she challenged the system. Lastly, the school should salvage a shred of decency by refusing to collect the fine levied against HS and her family.

If HS and her family must pay Silsbee High School, the entire $45,000.00 dollars should be brought to the school in pennies. Preferably, the pennies should be soaked in cat urine for about a month before being delivered to the school, so they will stink as badly as the legal decision that mandated payment. If there is any justice in the world, Rakheem Bolton will see university doors slam in his face and sport scholarships disappear in the aftermath of his crime. Hopefully, any administrator or employee who lists Silsbee High School on their resume will experience similar rejection.

Silsbee High School is famous around the world, but not for its sports team. They are famous for tormenting rape victims and lauding rapists. A Silsbee High School diploma will be like the mark of Cain on the resume of all who invoke it.

This entire story is a nightmarish illustration of what happens when character and values are given no weight in education. There are Certainly decent people in Silsbee, Texas. Whoever they are, they are almost certainly deeply, deeply ashamed of their town.

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