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Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I am going into my second week of eating absolutely no solid food -- I can almost see the Culver's at the other end of the tunnel motioning me in!

Every day I daydream about a double hamburger (well done), lettuce, tomato, and a side of Culver's Thousand Island dressing - I don't even need fries! and give me a small Pepsi and I a Senior discount.

I first discovered Culver's when I was working in a pretty nice joint on the main drag of Prairie Du Sac called The Fire House. It gave me a chance to have a native of the area, Ed Treinen, now of the Minneapolis area, bring his blues harps in and really add to the show, both harmonically and vocally.

well, down the highway south towards Madison, I spied this Culver's Custard and I had never seen a store like that before. so I pulled in and got my first butter burger.

It's only now that I am realizing how much I love that juice running down my wrist while I try to master dressing, tomato and lettuce.

Any how, I got to get hold of Ed Treinen. We were last in a really hot band together about damn - I don't know how long! But I been sitting around thinking every day that hey! I am not getting any younger and if I am by God going to get a band together again, it best be now.

So here's what gave me the impetus or the kick in the ass, if you will. Patty Stangel, who has been a frIend of mine for MANY years, is opening a new Injured Wild Life rehabilitation and rescue center- and she is going to need lots of donations to keep it going.

So I want to be Patty's official fund raiser band. I want to feed the owls, the baby raccoon, the wood squirrel, the snowy owl, and all the other creatures in Patty's care.

You can read about her a couple of blogs back.

Anyway, I know Ed knows Patty - she was our photographer for the publicity shots we took of you and me leaning against that ol Oldsmobile 98 back in the "duo" days.

At any rate I want to get you, Mikey, Too Tall, and Barney together for another go-round. I want us to rehearse and learn new tunes of our choosing.

So, Ed, if you are reading this, we need to talk about where you are musically, how much you are working musically, do you have time to rehearse new material - are you even interested - and things of that nature. I miss you, man!

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