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Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I found out something quite by accident the other day. Kim had left the house and I decided I could give myself a shave and a shampoo of what's left of my hair so instead of going out to the kitchen where the faucet has the ability to swivel from sink well to sink well and there's one of those "spritzer" rinsing guns that you can pull up and out I decided I could get it all done in the bath room sink.

Uh-uh. Doesn't work.

I pulled the stopper and ran some warm water into the sink, got my trusty "reacher" and rolled over to the shower in my wheel chair and grabbed the Head and Shoulders with it, returned to the sink, got to a standing position, got my head directly over the sink, scooped several cupped handsful of the water and worked it into my scalp, then added a small dollop of shampoo and worked up quite a lather.

It was only then that dufus realized he couldn't get his head down into the sink to get a decent rinse so he (I) dropped into the wheel chair with a head full of suds and began rolling toward the kitchen, all the while with water and Head and Shoulders leaking into my eyes and burning like an SOB!

I finished my shampooing in the kitchen sink and towel dried my hair. Now my eyes were really smarting! I figured it would stop in a bit but I was very, very wrong! All day long my eyes continued to burn and itch. All day tuesday - same thing. Finally made an appointment to see an eye doctor today.

He got me in the chair, swung that infernal machine in front of my face and instructed me to put my chin in the cup and look at his ear.

He examined both eyes and proclaimed that the lower half of my eyes had suffered some pretty serious irritating burns from the shampoo. Well, duh! Armed with two different eye drops I came home. I have administered the healing drops only once so far as I am hung up over here at the office waiting for the doggone UPS truck as according to my computer I am scheduled to receive a package today.

I am an idiot.

But then, you knew that.


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