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Saturday, February 20, 2010


After completing my obligatory luncheon performance for the Scenic Valley Cooperative, Arena, Wisconsin, I drove home directly - well, almost directly - I had to pull over at the Warrens exit and take a 20 minute nap.

When I got home I was excited to see a medium size package had arrived from the Philippines. It was from Aileen Kwak who has a sewing, football jersey producing enclave that is ready and willing to reproduce any of he old stlyle NFL jerseys from the late 50's thru the '60's.

I had ordered a Boyd Dowler dark green (spinach) home Packer jersey as well as a road white Bart Starr #15 with dark green numerals, both in size 44. Pictured is a little still life I set up here at the bungalow so you could get a look at the jersey. I am very impressed with both the sewing and with the colors used. she uses the very, very dark green that was sported in the 1960 jerseys which I like a lot. The overall length from shoulder to bottom hem is a bit long for my taste but not enough to complain about.

I did, however, find out that the 44's are a bit snug across the mid section, so the next two I ordered, I moved up to a size 46 as these are pretty tight in the trunk - I have gained way too much weight is the problem. Overall, a good jersey for the money ($29.99 per jersey plus $16 shipping cost from the Philippines.)

However, I am still a Harv Harvison fan as his jerseys are a bit heavier durene and more carefully tailored with a definite careful study of the exact style of numerals the Packers used under Lombardi's rule.

Still in all, for $29.99 a jersey one can't go wrong in building a closet full of the old style Packer jerseys. I have ordered a dark green #85 (Max McGee) and a white #63 (Fuzzy Thurston) in honor of the great pulling guard, who in tandem with #64, Jerry Kramer, sprung both Paul Hornung (#5) and Jim Taylor (#31) clear for big yardage back in the day.

I have a Jimmy Taylor on the way from Harv Harvison as I write this - the one I ordered came in way too large and had to be sent all the way back overseas for alterations.

In both cases, i appreciate the authenticity of the long sleeves. If you google any of the Packers 1960's teams you will find that all jerseys had long sleeves.

My thanks to Kirk Roebuck for turning me on to Tom Dowling's "Coach", a book covering Vince Lombardi's singular year as coach of the Washington Redskins before succumbing to cancer. It is a geat read!


On the home "health front", Brenda, a wonderful RN who works for Dr; Santolin, went to work to see if she could somehow wrangle an earlier date for the TEE and "Heart Shocker" Within a day she calls to tell us that she has finagled an earlier slot for the procedures! She also says it now means that she has to bring in coffee and donuts to effected staff . So yesterday, February 19, we set out for the crucial occasion at 12:30 PM. Originally when it was scheduled for February 24, we would have been there at 7:30 AM. The time change makes Nurse Kim very happy. She is not a "morning" person.

After registering and apologizing to the receptionist for having chewed her head off the last time I was in there, We (my entourage of Kim, Bob and Dorothy) moved up to second floor for prep. Nurse Kim takes my civvies, including the only pair of sweat pants that we can pull over the caste on my left leg, bags them, and helps me into the standard issue bun factory gown.

Two techs converge and hook me up to the machine that goes "bing" gettng bp and heart beat readings. Apparently the machine that goes "bing" was not binging as frequent aas it should which aroused the two nurses to new heights. In coms another bespectacled electrocardiagram expert who ships out a razor and shaves half my chest and then attaches the discs with the elmer glue on the back and hooks wires to them, types a bit, and out comes a sheet with a reading of my heart beat.

"Yup - it's heart flutter all right!" chirps the first
"OH, and it's classic, just classic!! chirps the second
"See how the lines are all evenly saw toothed until the next spike?"
"Yes - this is just textbook fkutter!"

Hello. I can hear you.

After a lengthy lay about, the anethestic guy comes in (Brian) who announces it it time to go down the hall to the actual room of operations as Dr. Santolin is due shortly. Brian is a very tall good lookin' guy, very easy to talk with.

we get to the room and I am introduced to Leo who is , I believe the anesthesiologist. I once entertained a dinner of anesthetists/anestheologists and the only "inside" joke they shared with me that night was "What's the difference between an anesthetist and an anesthesiologist? ABOUT $30,000. bada bing bada boom.

I instantly take a liking to Leo and, as Dr. Santolin, we are informed, is running at least a half hour late, I get to learn about him back in the day -a sailor machinist, went to school for his present gig back in Chicago, from Chi town originally but a Packer fan not a Bears fan because his grandpa had a farm near Green Bay when he was a kid - three kids I think he said - early college to junior high age, doesn't think much of the younger generation comin' up - too wimpy and lazy,

I like him.

All the while they're doing this, they are attaching IV's the way they like them, putting a wired disk on my back, another on my chest diametrically opposed. I assume this is the car starter battery that they are attaching. I remind them that we gotta get through phase one before there is any zappage, (like they don't know that). Blood clots sprung loose by electrical impulse a bad thing.

The Doc arrives and seems a bit miffed that I am on the table today and not February 24 as I have only had two doses of coumadin and he wants the blood thinner than that. So we wait until the pharmacy delivers a nice big shot of Lovenox which sounds like another erection med, doesn't it?

Lovenox is another type of blood thinner.

Then Dr. Santolin tells me that a lot of the things they are about to do could kill me or damage my brain enough that I could become a Republican. I tell him I have complete faith in him and he tells me that has nothing to do with it. I tell him everything is cool and let's get it done.

Leo rolls me on my left side, reminds me to keep my chin down, and as I am thinking about that move, I am gone.

When I come to, the nes is all good. The TEE found no blood clots or irregulatities and he zapping of the heart was very successful as the heart is now beaitng regularly, out of sawtooth spiking flutter.

Now every day I have to go in to Urgent Care for another Lovenox injection. I will be seeing Dr. Santolin for my first re-exam on March first, so Mexico rip is out for me.

All this was done to see if I continue with a normal heart beat, If it takes as it should, no further problems or money outlay. If I get out of sync again, then it will probably be pace maker time.


A special thank you to all the Sacred Heart Staff I was fortunate to come into contact with! Everyone is helpful, courteous, and very professional.

Until he told me to turn on my left side after they had started IV'ing God knows what -- he tole me to remember to keep my chin down and hell --- I woke up and they had performed both procedures

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