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Friday, February 12, 2010


Today's entry will be necessarily short as it has been a long day! My cast leg is really, really biting me big time because of it and I wish I could rip it off! Kim, my lovely nurse, driver, roadie, and cheerleader got me up and rolling early this morning as we had to make tracks to Melrose/Mindoro High School where I closed the teachers inservice with a 45 minute set of comedy and music just to send them home for the weekend on an upbeat note.

This was my second appearance in as many years for the teachers so I had to try to remember what I had performed last year - for the most part I was able to accomplish that goal -from a wheel chair, no less. Once again they were very receptive and the forty five minute set fairly flew by for me.

While Kim and Lorna the janitor re-loaded the gear back into the Scion xB, I came rolling down the side walk towards the back of the car. Just as I reached the end of the sidewalk and the beginning of the handicapped slope, I hit a raised patch of ice and the wheelchair came to an abrupt halt but I didn't - I flew out of the chair and landed on my butt but luckily incurred no further injury to the broken ankle or my other leg, but instead my buttocks and the heels of both hands took the brunt of the impact.

Needless to say, my lovely nurse, roadie, and cheerleader ceased at that point to be my cheerleader but instead chastised me thoroughly with: "Now see! This is exactly the kind of thing that makes it difficult for me to trust that you will not do stupid things if and when I leave you at home alone."

With the aid of two women, then, like a beached whale, I was lifted up and into the vehicle. So here I am, perched bedside with a cast induced throbbing ankle, getting ready to call this done with for the day.

Yesterday Erv Smith Heating and Air Conditioning made their third trip out to try and solve the mystery of the furnace that won't run. The words "replaced the power board" came out of the repairman's mouth and the cha-ching of a cash register is what I heard in my ears.

Sure enough the replaced power board is worth thirty six dollars more than I made today. Larry's Law in action again! But I am not complaining. I got out of the house today, saw some countryside, made teachers laugh, and impressed the superintendent of schools, Melrose/Mindoro. Life ' as they say, "don't git no better'n that."

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