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Sunday, August 23, 2009


I didn't get a chance to watch the Green Bay Packers throttle the Cleveland Browns in their first pre-season outing because of work, but last night I got a chance to watch them thoroughly thump the Buffalo Bills. Both the first string offense and defense look to be in mid-season form already.

Mr. Rodgers welcomed the Bills to his neighborhood by completing the first eight of his passes in a row. He looks much more relaxed than he did last season now that the Brent Favor BS is really over. Aaron Rodgers played the first five series and was in fine form, completing eight of nine for 98 yards, two touchdowns and a near-maximum passer rating of 151.6.

As I watched him meticulously carve up the Bills, throwing with accuracy that our former quarterback (the gunslinger) would do well to watch and learn from) I couldn't help but feel better about the North Division and I am really starting to look forward to the two games against the Queens.

I refused to even turn on their game last friday but I heard from a friend who watched that the fans actually booed Tavaris Jackson when he made his first appearance on the field. That is typical Minnesota fan! Brent had better realize that he is under a lot of pressure with that bunch. If he starts throwing interceptions (which he will) watch how fast the faithful will start booing him.

When he was a Packer, the fans always gave him the benefit of the doubt when he threw an interception. We even stood by him after the 4th and 26 game with Philadelphia - and also in his last appearance in a Packer uniform when he threw the interception that led to our elimination.

I may be entirely wrong but I predict that the Vikings will not even win the North Division title this year. I don't think the old man will last the entire season without injury. Not if they don't give him better protection than they did against Kansas City.
I watched the "highlights" on the NFL channel this morning and old Brent really got his bell rung.

I wonder how his body feels today?

So another football season is upon us. So much depends upon how healthy a team can stay for the duration.

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