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Monday, August 24, 2009


A couple of weeks ago I received my Helmet Hut helmet that I had custom made for the upcoming Paul Hornung signing in Waukesha, Wisconsin, on September 5. The next and final step was to locate the proper 1960's style "G" decal. The newer decals are more rounded than the early design which was more oblong and football shaped.
Last week I got an e mail from my supplier telling me that he had finally located the properly shaped decal. I received them last saturday and mounted them the same day. I am somewhat concerned that I may have mounted them a bit high on the sides of the helmet but at least they are pretty much balanced in location on both sides.

I took out my Hornung jersey for one of the helmet shots -- pretty cool!

So now I have to make it through this week before I travel down to Waukesha for the signing. It is nice to have that to look forward to. tomorrow I will be up early and wending my way to Iola, Wisconsin, to perform for a teachers inservice. Then on thursday, I again hit the road to perform for teachers - this time in Weyerhauser. Hard to believe that it is back to school time already!


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