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Tuesday, August 25, 2009


The picture speaks for itself, Brent. I have not spoken with any Packer fan who feels empathy for what you have done. So, old man, get ready, because HERE IT COMES!

I have had to take down my number 4 jersey and Packer super Bowl helmet and put it deep in a vault. Maybe when I am 95 and feeble I will be able to get over it! But as of 2009-10, I am looking forward to Aaron Kampman pinning his ears back and knocking you on your hillbilly ass.


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Kirk said...

wow-somebody's feelings have been hurt! So now that HOF'er Brett is in Minnesota, he is a douche-bag & hillbilly? Isn't calling Brett--"Brent" as juvenile as calling Aaron--"Erin"? Or calling Packer fans "brat-suckers" since you call those from the deep south "hillbillies"? Consider turning your invective hate to those that truly deserve it--Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, lame protesters that go to town hall meetings with holstered guns--rather than someone that simply plays a game.