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Monday, August 17, 2009


Next friday, August 21, I will once again be on the road. But this time it won't be to entertain. No, this time I will be at the Whithehall High School auditorium to attend a town hall meeting with Representative Ron Kind. I want to see, first hand, what the fuss over health care is all about.

And yes, I have already formulated my question if given the opportunity to ask it:

"Representative Kind:

As a self-employed American I want to plead with you to keep the public option in the health care system. The public option is fair and there must be such a choice if we are going to have genuine improvement in our existing health care system.

We can't do any genuine health care reform without the public option because the insurance industry is holding us all hostage if there are no checks and balances through genuine competition.

I would remind everyone here that we have a choice in health care plans. Nobody is asking that we give up a plan that we like. Please keep the public option. it is as key cornerstone of change!

Representative Kind, my question then is: will you insist that the public option be a part of our revised health care system? Thank you."


I find it somewhat sadly amusing that the "screamers" at town hall gatherings yell about how upgrading health care will be putting future generations in terrible debt. To those insanely self righteous I would ask where the hell were you when our government lied to us about weapons of mass destruction and then declared an illegal war in which we spent millions upon millions of dollars that have already put my sons and their sons and daughters in deep debt.??

That was money that could have been used here in America to not only improve our health system but to help rebuild our infrastructure. That is when I raised my editorial voice again and again - but with little success.

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