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Sunday, November 2, 2008


This past week I gave Jeff Smith (not the politician), my "wood guy", a call to set up my delivery of stove wood for the office only to find that he is already completely depleted of dry, seasoned oak! Not only that, he informed me that if I wanted to get "green" (which was $45 a face cord last year) it would cost me $72.00 a face cord, delivered!

So I started looking for alternatives. I called my friend Judy Willink of Augusta, Wisconsin, who I knew had several dead and downed oak on her property. Judy suggested I call Millard Martin, her very kind and helpful neighbor just down the road . Millard's sons come over to Judy's property every year, cut up, split, and stack her stove wood, asking in return that they be allowed some of the wood for their use.

I called Millard and he told me he could deliver my usual 6 face cord, dry, split, and delivered for $50 a face cord so of course I jumped at the opportunity to have him take care of it. I also gave him my cell phone number so that he could call me the saturday of delivery so that I might show him exactly where I wanted it unloaded.

Yesterday was the target saturday. Not hearing from Millard by mid-morning, I attempted to reach him but got no answer on his home phone and he hadn't given me his cell phone number.

Figuring either that I had misunderstood and that delivery was next saturday or that Millard would call my cell when he was ready to drive the load up from Augusta, i left home and spent the day with my friend Doug Cox as he is leaving for San Francisco on monday and I wanted to have some time with him.

Late in the afternoon, I returned home and went directly here to the office. when I came in, I saw the message light blinking. It was Millard. He had misplaced my cell phone number, he said, and he and his sons had delivered the firewood earlier in the day.

I panicked as I knew there was no stack of wood outside my office door! I raced over to the house and, as pictured, they had dropped the fire wood at the wrong address!


I gave Millard a call, he explained the above and I think we have it ironed out. They will be returning sometime this week and will have to reload the wood and bring it over here.

I feel really awful about it, but there it is!


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