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Wednesday, November 5, 2008


It is the morning of November 5, 2008, and I awoke with the same feeling of euphoria that I went to sleep late last night with. It is not a euphoria brought on by gloating. No, it is a euphoria of hope and promise.

Looking back on America's history, I can name numerous instances of when luck or "God's hand", you choose which, came to our rescue and saved our beloved country from sheer disaster. Once again, with the election of a man that is fairly being compared to Abraham Lincoln, "God shed his grace on thee".

I am currently reading president elect Barack Obama's "The Audacity of Hope" and I am overwhelmed with his honesty and wisdom at such a young age.

I received an e mail from my beloved friend, Tiit Raid this morning. In that e mail, Tiit says:

"Well...there we have it! History has been made.

As Ann (His wife) said this morning..."I am proud." I would agree...finally there is hope that the world will see that there is 'something' to the American people...and if President Elect Obama can do what he said in his acceptance speech last night then we are in for an interesting time. And...I hope that the people and the Congress will get behind him...as McCain promised HE would...then there is a chance that we will have some hopeful times ahead.

I woke up this morning to the thought that if it hadn't been for G.W. we may not have witnessed this historic event...at least at this time. Ironic...it takes a 'fuck-head and fuck-up' to wake people up...but that is how humans seem to function...something disasterous needs to happen before they take action. Let's hope that we take action NOW concerning things like the environment...and our attidudes and beliefs concerning race and gender.

The time is right to ask some serious questions about the above...and hopefully we don't squander another opportuniy to ask these and other questions as 'we' did after 911. It seems to me that one of the questions 'we' could have asked was 'what brings some to take their frustrations out on innocent people?'...or...'why do we still think that aggression is the only way to respond to aggression?' Seems a pretty crude and primitive way to solve problems. "

I told Kim last night as it became clear that Barack was going to clearly win this election that the only good that came out of the eight terrible years this country suffered under George Bush is that it obviously made Americans cry out "ENOUGH!"

So, for at least one day, I can take a deep breath and thank God or luck for the timing of this event. There are those who still believe that Barack is a liar. I can tell you for certain that he is not.

The path that lies before him and all of us is a daunting one and I am certain he will jump in running and do the best he can to start the healing and the return of America's position of respect in the world. The celebrations that went on all over the world last night should tell us something.

Senator McCain gave a very moving concession speech last night; a speech that moved me very deeply. But I cursed the gathering who booed when he said Barack Obama's name. How very small, how very "red neck", how incredibly tasteless that was. And to his credit, Senator McCain looked embarrassed.

I want to take a moment to apologize for some of the things I have said in previous blogs, for they too, were beneath me. I can do this with an open heart because just through reading "The Audacity of Hope" did I come to realize that I was starting to become the thing I so much detest.

Now we all must pray every day that our new president will be able to govern without being assassinated. it is and has been the greatest worry that I have carried since the campaign began.

Let the healing begin. God bless America.


A PERSONAL MESSAGE TO MY INTERNET FRIEND MPLSPCKR: Thank you for voting yesterday and especially thank you for casting your vote for Barack Obama, the soon to be 44th president of these United States! Now if only Al Franken can somehow pull out a win over Norm Coleman in your home state, how sweet it will be!

i received a last hour request by e amil from Mr. Franken on November 3 and immediately got out the charge card and sent him a "ground roots" contribution!



Trevor said...

Right on, brother. I feel inspired for the first time in 8 years. Thanks for helping Obama, Larry! -Trevor

mplspckr said...

thank you, larry!

i was at a bob dylan show at univ of mn campus. bob introduced the band: "that's tony on bass, he's wearing an obama button. i was born in 1941 -- we had pearl harbor that year.....looks like things are gonna change now." the place erupted.