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Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I guess because I see them almost every day, I don't notice how fast the Krazy Kats of Hobbs Road are growing. Yesterday we weighed them and Hammy weighed in at nine pounds and Stella at eight!
The trouble is, in the process, I found out that I have gained way too much weight! No wonder my jeans feel like they are cutting me in half!

Trouble is, I have gotten into the very bad habit of watching television late into the night and then doing the midnight snack thing. Yesterday I started with hopefully a new regimen and had a very light breakfast, skipped lunch, and split a 10 inch Sammy's pizza with Kim for supper. We have to get back to splitting all our meals!

Do you like the photo of Stella doing her impression of Snoopy on the roof of the dog house?


Over the past two days I have received two wonderful e mails from two friends for whom I have a great deal of respect. Jerry Way sent me this:

I remember on the very day of 9/11/2001 praying that our response to those horrific acts would not be war--"Please let every person responsible be hunted down and punished. Please not war!" When Bush spoke at St. Patrick's Cathedral memorial for the victims, I even thought I saw signs that, through the tragedy, he had grown up enough to lead our country in a responsible manner. Then came the speech when he said our country would move against all those responsible and all those who harbor them. What? From that point it was a downward slide into bombing Afganistan, shock and awe in Iraq, Mission Accomplished, breaking the Geneva Conventions, and all the drunk-with-power arrogance we and the world have endured.

We rang in the new Century and Millenium in 2001 and 911 and W swiftly turned it into the Dark Ages. With President-Elect Obama can we all (the whole world) work together make the light begin to shine again? I pray the answer is "Yes, we can!"


And John Buchholz sent me this:

This presidency is finally over. We can say goodbye to an administration whose misdeeds have piled so high that the size of the mountain no longer shocks us. In our lifetimes, we will see administrations of varying degrees of competence and integrity, some we'll agree with and some we won't. But we will probably never see another quite like the one now finally reaching its end, so mind-boggling a parade of incompetence and malice, dishonesty, and immorality. So at last -- at long, long last -- we can say goodbye.

And good riddance.

-- Paul Waldman

And to that, John added: AMEN!


Today is the day when my honeymoon with the president-elect is officially at an end. Oh, I am still happy with his election, but that doesn't mean I am going to agree with everything that he does. Take the Auto Industry bailout for instance. Obama is suggesting that we need to give them millions of dollars. The auto industry says they will take the money but it has to be with no strings attached (as in "we will give you money on the understanding that you will re-tool and start producing cars that get 60 miles per gallon and reduce emissions.")

I say if that is their attitude, then screw them! Why should you and I pay tax money for them to produce the same old shit that got them in trouble in the first place? We are at the point when we all need to pull together! Putting Americans back to work is supposedly a top priority of the new administration.

The only way we will accomplish that is to make automobiles that will compete with the Prius and other foreign cars that are light years ahead of us in hybrid technology.

Then there is the war in Afghanistan. When are we going to learn from history???? Ask any Afghan standing along a road in Afghanistan about the possibility of America winning an all out war against his country and he will just motion towards that burnt out, rusting Russian tank in the ditch behind him and expound upon how not only were the Russians defeated, but the British and on and on -- all the way back to Alexander the Great.

What makes us think we will fare any better, especially with conventional warfare? As I talked about in a recent blog, we need to approach the capture of Bin Laden the same way Al Queda lays out their plans: with small groups, long term planning, and the help of all our newest technology such as the Predator.

I am tired of trying to save Afghanistan from itself. If they are stupid enough to let the Taliban run their lives without a fight on their own part, so be it.


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