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Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Every day I wake up thinking maybe I have mellowed a bit about what is happening in what used to be the great progressive state of Wisconsin but by the time I have finished my first cup of coffee I am totally pissed off again!

And that's a good thing.

Wisconsinites need to stay angry for the entire next year so that we can get the work of recalling these bastards finished. Personally I can't wait to get my assigned area to canvass area residents not only because of the importance of the project but to get a chance to visit with fellow voters and get a feel for what everyone thinks.

I am certain I will run into those who voted for Walker and because they did, no matter what he does, he can do no wrong. In my way of thinking these people are not people - they are "sheeple", willingly following the orders of the wealthy on their way to the slaughter house.

And here is another piece of truth:

If educators in the state of Wisconsin are guilty of anything, public schoolteachers have failed miserably by producing the most incompetent, mean-spirited legislators in U.S. history.

And of course the left blames that on the teachers. When are we going to realize that the first line of education is in the home where parents should be teaching their children the principles of true democracy all the while they are growing up, including competence, fair-mindedness, and good will?

But just as with everything else these days, the only ones who have the responsibility to teach are the teachers! I witnessed that way back in 1976 and it one of the principal reasons i bailed when I did.

I am proud to say that I and my former spouse did a very good job of instilling in our offspring the importance of learning to think for themselves and actually do some READING. They are now capable of carrying on intelligent discussions of current events and what is right and wrong.

Still, with the horrific events in Japan, I can't help but wonder if it is going to make any difference what any of us think. There are a number of nuclear power plants in California located right on the fault line and we have been repeatedly warned that the west coast is way overdue for major earth quakes.

One would think that there would be major concern in our senate over the situation and that instead of pouring trillions of dollars into wars, that the money would be used to put people to work, making these plants totally impervious to the worst earth quakes possible.

This will never happen because of one thing. AMERICAN GREED. We will continue to give oil companies huge tax breaks and bail out banks to maintain the top two per cent of wealthy Americans.

I used to think that all the talk of the world ending on December 21, 2012, was claptrap. Now I am not so sure. With the recent disasters in New Orleans, the increase in virulent storms, earth quakes in areas that have never had them before, extreme changes in climate, and now four nuclear reactors in near meltdown in Japan, humanity is in great danger of extinction.

The consolation? At least the rich bastards will die with us, clutching their money bags.

There, I said it.


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