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Friday, March 18, 2011


Late yesterday afternoon Kim and I went down town Eau Claire to greet candidate for Wisconsin Supreme Court JoAnne Kloppenburg. I was really glad that we got an early start because by 5 PM, there was an overflow crowd.

Ms. Kloppenburg made her entrance shortly after 5 and was greeted by a standing ovation, the applause of which went on for at least two minutes. People are really fired up about this race because we know how important it is.

JoAnne spoke of her opponent's willingness to already state that he is a Walker backer, and how it is less than ethical to be running for a judgeship and announcing sides. How can that person make an impartial judgement on anything political when he has already openly proclaimed whose camp he is in?

Along that line, JoAnne stressed how important it is for any candidate, including herself, to remain totally impartial and to weigh each case on it's merits.

She then told us a little about herself. She graduated from Yale, did graduate work at Harvard, married, and then she and here husband joined the Peace Corps and worked in Botswana. She then returned to the United States, and while beginning to raise a family, went back to school in law.

Since she started campaigning she has logged over 8,000 miles criss- crossing Wisconsin in her mother-in-law's Buick. (That line got a hearty laugh).

We came away from the meet and greet with a strong feeling of knowing we had just met someone who would be a great Supreme Court Justice as she will be hard but fair in her decisions, and not along party lines.

If you would like to learn more about her, go to her web site at : www.kloppenburgforjustice.com. I know I discussed this already in yesterday's blog, but it is very very important that all of us get out the vote and elect JoAnne. By so doing we will send a loud and clear message to Governor Walker that Wisconsin is a freedom loving progressive state and we intend to remain just that!


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