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Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Yesterday I got a call from my friend and "marketeer", Liz Fischer, and it looks like I just nailed a last minute gig for a private birthday party at Draganetti's restaurant here in Eau Claire this coming Friday evening.

I ain't gonna lie. at this point, ANY gigs that come in, last minute or not, are gifts from God!

In addition to doing a 45 minute set, it has been requested that I write a little "birthday ditty" for the guest of honor so I have spent most of today using e mails sent to me from the celebrant's friends to put into verse. I just sent out a first draft a bit ago to get reaction from my employer.

Now I am going to be spending the rest of the week going over song lyrics and some of the most recent jokes I have written so that my show isn't rusty come Friday night.

Looking back on my blogs I see I haven't written much since returning from Mexico. That is a sure sign that my "change of season" fibromyalgia and accompanying depression have hit me very hard, knocking the wind out of my sails.

I know I am depressed when it takes me three attempts t get my ass out of bed in the late morning and when the sight of yet another fresh snowfall makes me downright ill.

That coupled with all the horror stories of tsunamis, earthquakes, nuclear melt downs, reports of at least two nuclear plants in this country having been built in the 1970's directly over not one but TWO faults in the earth are not conducive to a bright outlook on life.

Then several days ago I received an in-depth e mail from somebody wanting me to invest in something other than the dollar as this entity firmly believes that the dollar is going belly up within the year and we will see food rioting, mass murder by released prison inmates, no fuel, and in general a chaos in this country never experienced before.

Pretty hard to "put on a happy face".

But the sun is shining today, temperatures will be above freezing, my wife and cats still love me, and although bread cost three times what it used to, we are still eating, paying for fuel, heat, and electricity - so far.

So gather ye rosebuds why ye may.

One consolation? We all only die once. And even if there is nothing beyond this life, going back to nothingness could be a definite improvement over being left behind.

Another consolation. All these son of a bitching greedy "mothers" who have brought us to this point will all die with us, too.

Maybe they have already established an underground living space for themselves. In a way, I hope so. Then they could get down to business and tear each other apart. I certainly would not want to share a space with Scott Walker or the Fitzgeralds. Just to name a few fuckheads.


Wow. I just re-read! Did I say I was feeling better??

Here's something that the little bit of positivity left in me clings to. Please don't forget to vote on April 5th!! In fact, you don't have to wait. I didn't. I voted last week before Asshole Westrate decided we NEED him on the school board. Ignore that write in Teabagging son of a bitch!

Vote for Trish Cummins and Carol Craig. They are doing a great job. And read this:

We are United Wisconsin, the non-partisan grassroots Political Action Committee dedicated to the successful recall of Governor Scott Walker and Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch.

In this defining moment for the direction of Wisconsin's future. United Wisconsin is formally endorsing JoAnne Kloppenburg for Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice.

Working as Wisconsin's Assistant Attorney General since 1989, Kloppenburg has worked under four Attorneys General, both Democrat and Republican. JoAnne Kloppenburg has demonstrated the capacity to work as a non-partisan judge in legal matters.

"Supreme Court Justices should not act as advocates for any cause or group nor as legislators. Rather, Wisconsin residents deserve to have confidence that judges are impartial and independent decision-makers who apply the law fairly and clearly based on the law and the facts," Kloppenburg said. "That is what my backgound and broad legal experience have prepared me to do."

Her commitment to judicial integrity and code of conduct are welcome attributes for the standard Wisconsin citizens expect from their Supreme Court Justices.

For these reasons, United Wisconsin endorses JoAnne Kloppenburg for Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice. Vote April 5th. Don't know where to vote? Find out here.

Forward this email to your family and friends to spread the word about JoAnne Kloppenburg.

To support the Kloppenburg campaign visit http://www.KloppenburgForJustice.com
Get information to volunteer or endorse Kloppenburg here.


You really need to get every one of your personal friends to understand how REALLY important this election is. If Dipshit Prosser defeats Kloppenburg our state is royally screwed! VOTE! And take committed Kloppenburg voters with you when you go!


Oh - and long as I have you voting on something. Might as well vote on something FUN. Go to this URL:



I will never forget Asshole Scotty for spoiling the afterglow of winning Super Bowl XLV


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