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Friday, March 11, 2011


Firefighters in Wisconsin marched to the M&I bank earlier today in Madison and withdrew their money. In total they took an estimated $192,000.

They asked others to follow their lead. Apparently others did. Just updated:

A call to M&I's Capitol Square branch confirms the bank is closed for the rest of the day.

This is how you protest.

Anyone that has any money in this bank, no matter how little, should withdraw it ASAP. Make them feel the pain that they are causing the little people.

Of course it might be difficult to withdraw today, as they've had to close their doors to prevent a run. This story should continue to get out. The success of closing a bank even temporarily, will inspire other groups to continue their efforts.

When the firefighters arrived at the Capitol this morning they started the chant "MOVE YOUR MONEY!" Firefighters Local 311 President Joe Conway told the audience they should move their money out of M&I Bank. The bank was one of the leading contributors to the Walker campaign due to contributions by current and former executives and board members.

The Madison Fire Chief says he doesn't have the authority to force the Capital police to remove the cuffs from the door, but he is concerned, as it violates State Fire Code.

Not that violating State Fire Code is any big problem for Walker and his minions!

In other news, the much anticipated recall has been introduced by e mail and will proceed this weekend. In a message from the Service Employees International Union this afternoon plans were laid out:

Earlier today Governor Scott Walker signed the odious anti-worker bill into law.

And after weeks of deception, Walker and his Republican cronies in the State Senate have finally come clean about why they are taking away rights from hard-working Wisconsinites: politics. The Republican Senate Majority Leader told Fox News, "President Obama is going to have a much difficult, much more difficult time getting elected and winning the state of Wisconsin" when unions are weakened.

The best antidote to this assault on Wisconsin families is what we've seen in the streets of Madison for almost a month: democracy. That is why we're working hard to recall eight Senate Republicans who voted against the middle class this week.

Support the efforts of Wisconsin workers by attending a canvass this weekend to gather signatures for the recall:


The battle Scott Walker and Republicans have started in Wisconsin will only escalate in the ensuing days. We can turn up the heat by getting out on the doors this weekend and adding even more energy to the recall.

Please, attend a recall canvass in Wisconsin this weekend:


In solidarity,
Brandon Davis, SEIU Political Director

In another notice I received yet this afternoon, strategy was clearly laid out:

VOLUNTEER: Help recall Wisconsin Republicans
Join the recall efforts in three ways!

1. Join a canvass event near you

Click here to find events in Robert Cowles's district (R-2, Green Bay)
Click here to find events in Alberta Darling's district (R-8, River Hills)
Click here to find events in Sheila Harsdorf's district (R-10, River Falls)
Click here to find events in Luther Olsen's district (R-14, Ripon)
Click here to find events in Randy Hopper's district (R-18, Fond du Lac)
Click here to find events in Glenn Grothman's district (R-20, West Bend)
Click here to find events in Mary Lazich's district (R-28, New Berlin)
Click here to find events in Dan Kapanke's district (R-32, La Crosse)

2. Collect signatures on your own

Can't make an event? Click here to download a recall form and collect signatures on your own.

3. Donate to the recall efforts

Click here to chip in and donate to the PCCC's recall efforts.

Only Wisconsin residents represented by this Senator can sign this recall petition, but any Wisconsin eligible voter or out of state person can volunteer to collect signatures!

NOTE: Wisconsin law says elected officials must be in office a year before they are recalled. The entire state assembly, Gov. Walker, and the rest of the Republicans in the state senate not listed above were all last elected in 2010 and sworn in January, 2011, so none of them can be recalled until January 2012.

Since you obviously cannot "click here" on my blog, go to:

boldprogressives.org and join some 700,000 (and growing) members in our concerted effort to take back our dignity and our democracy before it is too late!


Do Republicans like having a governor who couldn't take yes for an answer when unions agreed to benefit concessions(in public as he wouldn't talk to them at the negotiating table)and seeks national attention for himself when WI has less severe budget challenges than most states, and lower unemployment? Who cuts programs for the most needy and wants to sell off the people's state resources while offering tax breaks to wealthy campaign donors? Leaders negotiate solutions through compromise-they don't alienate half of the electorate with divisiveness to seek the national spotlight. Don't believe it? Watch Walker for future ambitions. He had three press conferences for every "discussion" his staff had with the Democrats.

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