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Monday, March 14, 2011


Looking through the myriad of photographs I took last week brings back the warmth and joy of the very special week we spent out of the country.

I had some trepidation about Mexico, having read about the increase of violence lately between drug lords and law enforcement but that was quickly forgotten after several days of the great hospitality we found on the beaches, in the restaurants, and the market where we spent a leisurely afternoon bargaining on clothing and jewelry.
I arrived at the airport wearing the protective plastic boot that I had been issued for stability of the ankle for the duration of stay. However, by the middle of the week I no longer felt that I needed the boot as the warmth of the Mexico sunshine seemed to have healing powers. The swelling and pain around my ankle began dissipating and although I missed some of the activities (Kim and Kristi went whale watching one morning) by the weekend I was able to get around well enough that I could walk down town to the open market and the marina.

Throughout our stay we had excellent food and we were adamant in ordering dishes that were authentic to the area.

Pictured here are the two dishes that the three of us shared at a quaint open air restaurant just off the marina itself. Today of course, I cannot remember the name of the restaurant but the open air atmosphere was condusive to good appetites.

We decided to order two different dishes and then share them among the three of us. The shrimp burritos pictured, served with a tasty guacamole and the chicken enchiladas accompanied with a Spanish pilaf were absolutely heavenly.

Adding even more to the sunny atmosphere and great food was the arrival of two very adroit musicians, both of whom played spanish guitar and sang. They sang a Santana tune for us before moving on to another table.

As neither Kim nor Kristi are consumers of alcohol, I took it upon myself to be the assigned taster of beer and tequila. I ordered a bottle of Negra Modelo, a brew I was familiar with thanks to the Castro Brothers Eau Claire restaurant. I also told our waiter to bring me a shot of the establishment's very finest tequila.

Again, I don't recall the brand, but it was the smoothest tequila I have ever imbibed in and I sipped it slowly to savor it.
That afternoon was spent by one of the many swimming pools right below our time/share.

My wife and sister-in-law were kind enough to let me know when a particularly well built, bronzed beauty came into view in the skimpiest of bikinis.

I can attest that the old saw is true: Men, no matter how old they get, never tire of admiring the female form!

However, I must admit that the last night we slept over, I didn't sleep very well as I was in excited anticipation of returning home to our kitties and the comfort of our own house and bed.

The plane arrived in Minneapolis at 6:30PM (right on schedule), and after clearing customs, we went outside to see if we could find Patty, who arrived in my car with her brother driving.

Within fifteen minutes, they found us at the Delta gate number 6 and we were on our way home.

It was a great vacation! And I want to thank Patty Stangel very much for not only taking us up to the airport and then picking us up when we got back, but for taking such good care of our "children"


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