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Friday, November 25, 2011


I have two really huge (make that three) pet peeves when it comes to professional football.

The first relates to our "Jesus freak" Tim Teebow, who constantly tells the press and media that everything that he does on the field is because of his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Even as far back as the NFL Trials, he was spouting off about Jesus to the point that his fellow tryout team mates found him a real pain in the ass.

Okay, Timmy. We get it. You love Jesus. But when you have to keep telling us again and again, then we wonder if there is something else going on! Here's the deal, pal. It is enough that you have this personal relationship with Jesus. you demean it when you feel you have to tell us about it in every other sentence.

It's like a reformed alcoholic that finds it necessary to preach about his reformation every time you see him.

And it's not just Tim. All the other players who feel it necessary to point to heaven when they score are just as sickening. I wonder why they don't point to heaven when they fumble? Or drop an easy pass? don't you think Jesus wants to know that you love Him then, too?

My other two football pet peeves are the tandem of TV announcers who have been assigned to Packer games this season: Joe Buck and Troy Aikman. I hve tried but I cannot bear to even listen to them prattle on every Sunday anymore!

Buck is officious and Troy Aikman's English is atrocious. He constantly uses the word "what" incorrectly in sentences.

Last Sunday I finally turned the volume on the TV all the way down and tuned in 100.7 on the radio and followed the Packer announcers. At first it took a while to adjust to the fact that the radio signal is about two seconds ahead of the action on the screen (due to satellite delay), but once I got used to it, I find I like it because I can concentrate on the receiver or back that is going to be involved in the play before the play actually begins.

There, I said it.!


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