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Wednesday, November 23, 2011


My office and I have received many questions in recent months regarding the implementation of a new law
adding restrictions on voting in Wisconsin. Here are some of the most common questions and answers.
While I did not vote for these changes, I think it is important to spread the word so neighbors are prepared
before they get to the polls. If you have additional questions, please contact me directly.


Q:When will I be required to show
photo identification to vote?

A: Voters will be asked to show photo identification at all
future elections, but are not REQUIRED to show an ID
until the 2012 Spring Primary.
Q:What IDs are acceptable?
A: Below is a list of acceptable IDs:
•Wisconsin DOT-issued driver’s license
•Wisconsin DOT-issued identification card
•Identification card issued by a U.S. uniformed service
(military ID)
•U.S. passport
•Certificate of naturalization issued no earlier than two
years before the date of the election it is presented
•An unexpired driver’s license or identification card
receipt issued by Wisconsin DOT
•Identification card issued by a federally recognized
Indian tribe in Wisconsin
•An unexpired identification card issued by a
Wisconsin-accredited university or college that
contains a date of issuance, student signature and
expiration date no later than two years after the date
of issuance
Q:What is the monetary cost of
IDs for voters?

A: The Wisconsin Department of Transportation will
waive the $28 fee and provide FREE ID cards to any
individual who will be at least 18 years of age on the
date of the next elections, if they specifically state the
ID is for voting purposes. This is true for voters
applying for new, renewed or reinstated IDs. So be
sure to check the box on your application form stating
the ID is for voting purposes and also let the attendant
know when you get to the counter.
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New ID Restrictions for Voting Q&A
Q:Does the address on the ID need
to be current and match the
address on the voter list?

A: No. However, if the address listed on your photo ID is
no longer current, remember to provide proof of
residency as well.
Q:Can I use an ID that is expired
for voting purposes?

A: Yes, if it expired after the date of the most recent
general election.
Q:What are election inspectors
verifying with the ID?

A:Election inspectors are verifying that the name on the
ID matches the name on the poll list and that the
photograph resembles the elector.
Q:Are any voters exempt from having
to show a photo ID?

A:The following voters are exempt from having to show
a photo ID:
•A military or overseas voter who votes by absentee ballot
•A voter who has a confidential listing, as result of
domestic abuse, sexual assault or stalking, may show
their confidential ID card or provide the election
inspector with their name and confidential ID serial
•An absentee voter who is indefinitely confined
because of age, physical illness, disability, or infirmity
and who has qualified to receive absentee ballots
automatically may submit a statement with their ballot
signed by an individual who witnesses them voting to
verify that the name and address are correct
•An absentee voter who resides in a nursing home,
qualified retirement home, community-based
residential facility (CBRF), residential care apartment
complex, or adult family home where special voting
deputies are sent may submit a statement with their
ballot signed by the special voting deputy to verify
that the name and address of the voter are correct
•An absentee voter residing in a qualified retirement
home, CBRF, residential care apartment complex, or
adult family home where special voting deputies are
NOT sent may submit a statement with their ballot
signed by an individual who witnesses them voting to
verify that the name and address are correct
Q:How do homeless people vote now
that a photo ID is required?

A: The Government Accountability Board and
Department of Transportation have yet to devise a
policy to properly address how a homeless individual
will prove their residence and their identity in order to
obtain an ID for voting purposes.
Q:Can university or college student
ID’s be used as their identification
and proof of residence?

A: Yes. To verify their identity the student can present a
valid student ID that contains a photo of the
cardholder along with an issuance and expiration
date. To also use the ID for proof of residence, the
student must show a fee payment receipt issued to the
cardholder by the university or college dated no
earlier than nine months before the date of the
election or their name must be on the list of current
students provided by the university.
Q:Are mail-in absentee voters required
to provide photo identification?

A: Yes. All mail-in absentee voters will be required to
send in a photo copy of photo ID with their request for
an absentee ballot, unless they request the ballot by
fax or email, in which case they must submit the photo
copy of their photo ID with the absentee ballot itself.
This requirement will also go into effect starting with
the February 2012 Primary.
Q:Once a mail-in absentee voter
provides photo identification, do
they need to continue providing
ID with subsequent requests?

A: No. Once a mail-in absentee voter has provided a
photo ID, they do not need to provide an ID again
with subsequent absentee ballot requests unless their
name or address changes.
Q:What if I do not present a photo ID at
the polls or mail it in with my ballot?

A: If a voter does not present a photo ID at the polls they
will be offered a provisional ballot. Additionally, if a
voter does not present a photo ID with an absentee
ballot, the official must treat the ballot as a provisional
ballot. In order for their vote to count, the voter must
provide proof of identification at the office of the
municipal clerk or board election commissioners no
later than 4 p.m. on the Friday after the election.

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