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Thursday, November 24, 2011


TODAY IS THANKSGIVING DAY - the day that I spend cooking - one of my favorite hobbies - watching Packer football - and taking stock in the people I am most thankful for in my life.

I guess I should start with the medical community because various surgeons have saved my life several times since the year 2000. I need to start with the great heart surgeon who saved my life in 2000 with a quadruple bypass, Dr. Robert Emery. Thee have been others, too numerous for this old man to conjure up at this point but I am thankful for their expertise in back surgery, knee surgery (twice), gall bladder surgery, hiatal hernia surgery - It's a wonder that I am still of this world. for that I am thankful.

Soon I will be reporting for yet another surgery, this time to have a spot of skin cancer removed from just behind and below my left ear. I am thankful that my present GP, Dr. Storlie, caught and analyzed it at this point.

Enough of the morbidity of life!

I am thankful for my three brothers: Bob, John, and Anson, all great men in their own right. I am very thankful that they are all still alive and healthy as of this writing. I miss my brother Anson because he is too far away - living in Algoma, Wisconsin. For that same reason I miss my brother John, who is living way out in Oregon. Nevertheless, I am thankful for all of them and the love they have given me!

I am very thankful to have been in the lives of my two sons, Jonathan and David. They, too, live way too far away in Brooklyn, New York. I am thankful that they both have visited me recently and that they love me enough to call me quite often to talk about life. They are both good, talented men!

I am thankful for all the musicians that have helped make me look good in various bands over the years. I probably shouldn't start naming them all because i am bound to miss some - excuse my bad memory - but here are a few in no particular order: Bob Johnson, Gene Larson, Bill Niederberger, Jerry Holubets, Jerry Way, John Buchholz, Steve Zens, Bob Storti, Paul Fischer, Ron Keezer, Ed Treinen, Mike Richson, Jon Heagle, Justin Vernon, Gary Spaeth, Mike Vlahakis, Mike Quick, Dave Barneson, Tom Wieseler, Chuck Solberg, Tim Keilholtz, Randy Sinz, Dave Shrader, Denny Marion, Howard Leudtke, Billy Krause, Trevor LaBonte, Tiit Raid, Bill Rude, Lori Denzine, Judy Willink, and any others I may have misssed! I am grateful and thankful for all of their talent and willingness to share it with me.

Most of all, I am thankful for my wife, Kim Wilson, who is still the best person that I know. I told her just this morning that I am thankful for her love of some 33 years and for standing by me in good and bad times. She is an amazing person and I get to share Thanksgiving dinner with her today.



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