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Thursday, December 1, 2011


Our not-so-beloved governor says that the number of people signing the petition for his recall doesn't really bother him. According to Politico.com, he looks forward to putting his record before the people. He is already running ads paid for by the greedy - slick commercials with "teachers" telling us how much better off their district is since Walker took over.

What you should know is the "teachers" are not from the public sector but from charter schools in Mr. Walker's own home district.

Not entirely lies, but half truths, misrepresentations. It's the way he and his greed mongers. the Koch brothers work!

Get used to it for you will be getting a lot more of these before he's finished.

It really bewilders me that most people think that it is teachers and other public sector workers who are the only ones that are upset and only because of the destruction of collective bargaining. There is as lot more terribly destructive moves going on.

Let's start with BadgerCare. BadgerCare is a Wisconsin success story that guarantees health security for more than 775,000 people. Despite its popularity, the program is on the chopping block as the Walker administration implements $554 million in budget cuts to Wisconsin's Medicaid program.

The rationale for BadgerCare is even stronger now than it was 12 years ago when it was initiated by Republican Gov. Tommy Thompson. BadgerCare has enjoyed unusual bipartisan support because it grew out of a consensus that the private health insurance market has utterly failed to provide affordable coverage to lower-income working families struggling to lift themselves out of poverty and into the middle class.

Hey Republicans. Read that again! Initiated by Tommy Thompson, enjoyed bipartisan support. Wasn't he one of the good guys in you grand old party?

The Walker administration's zeal to cut BadgerCare is partially explained by its unwillingness to admit the magnitude of the health insurance cost crisis. They have pointed to the number of people enrolled in BadgerCare as a problem, without recognizing that because of our deeply flawed private health insurance market, and the acute shortage of family sustaining jobs with decent health benefits, many have no affordable alternatives. In a statement that reveals a stunning disconnection from reality, Walker's insurance commissioner recently downplayed the cost of health insurance, stating that Wisconsin's private health insurance costs "are manageable."
Recently the Walker administration launched a sneak attack against a key national consumer protection intended to reduce health insurance costs by capping excessive insurance industry profits and overhead. Without any public announcement (Citizen Action of Wisconsin actually had to inform the media and legislators), Walker’s Insurance Commissioner Ted Nickel quietly filed an official request asking the federal government for a three-year waiver from new standards requiring that health insurance companies spend at least 80 percent of premiums on medical care. The reform went into effect this year, and is part of the national health care law, the Affordable Care Act. Waiving these requirements will cost Wisconsin consumers millions of dollars in rebates health insurers would otherwise have to pay back if their profits and overhead exceed the new standards.
Given the pain skyrocketing health insurance premiums are causing throughout Wisconsin, and rampant health insecurity which threatens so many working families, it is stunning (and highly revealing) that the Walker administration is seeking to put industry profits ahead of the interests of consumers. One would think that even Walker and his allies would fear the wrath of Wisconsin consumers fed up with outsized health insurance industry profits and angry that skyrocketing costs are undermining the freedom to control their own health care decisions.

In other words, the Walker administration is saying that highly profitable health insurance companies need this money more than Wisconsin workers struggling to make it through the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression. This is a stunningly callous and morally bankrupt position, even for the Walker administration. The people of Wisconsin deserve better.

There are so many other areas by which Walker is hurting this great state. Consider what he wants to do with laws pertaining to clean air and water. Wisconsin is a state that used to be proud of sparkling clean, fish- filled rivers and lakes. but again, Oil and Coal greed and Mr. Walker are in favor of destroying our air and water to make another buck for the Koch Brothers.

I have a friend in Ohio who writes to me often and he tells me that Walker is running ads (on Fox news, of course) in Ohio! What? Must be nice to have the Kochs money to waste.

I saw a bumper sticker in Eau Claire that says it all. "If you are a working person and you support governor Walker you are like a chicken who supports Colonel Sanders.

I think Wisconsinites - honest Republicans and Democrats alike, are fed up to here with greed and lies - and will do something about it! The fast-disappearing middle class will take back the State house!


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