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Thursday, December 29, 2011


Been a while since I published photos of two of God's loveliest creatures. Stella, although full grown, is still a small cat by cat standards.

It's been fun watching both cats grow up over the past couple years. Lately both have become more friendly with me and one or the other or both will join me for an afternoon nap most of the time.
Had to get a picture of Hammy on his now "way-too-small" bed. He has grown to be quite a bit larger than Stella and has a bad habit of picking on his little sister until she screams like she is being killed.

Currently we are having the house completely done over for insulation and both the cats are much afraid of the influx of workers and the hammering and sawing that goes on while they are in the house. Both cats seek refuge under the bed and stay there well after the time the workers depart.

This is a week of destroying old banking records from the 1980's. I took boxes and boxes of them over here so that they would be out of the way for the workers to get the insulation in properly. I have been shredding and shredding and shredding.

Yesterday my shredder heated up so badly that it shut down. At first I thought I had burned the motor out but I came back after supper, turned the on switch and it kicked in.

It workd for a couple of hours today and then it overheated again. it currently won't start and that's why I have time to write. I am hoping that eventually it will cool off enough and start, but have the nagging fear that this time I DID burn out the motor.

It is weird to be going through all these old checks - years of child support checks and checks for booking agents among them.

I stumbled upon check #3103, made out on December 11, 1985, to agent Bert Koelbl. When I looked at the "for" line it says: "agent fee, December 7, 1985, The Gables, Poynette, Wisconsin."

My mind was instantly flooded with all the bad memories that went with that gig. Bert had booked me into this bar to do my comedy and music routines. What he didn't bother to tell me is that the bar had never had a comedian there before - only country western or rock and roll dance bands.

The stage was located in a separate room from the bar and that night nobody would come into the room! Every once in a while someone would stand in the doorway and give me a dirty look. after doing a set to absolutely no one, I made my way to the bar with all patrons purposely looking away and not making eye contact with me.

I told the owner that this was all a big mistake and that if he would give me $25.00 I would clear out immediately as it was obvious I was not something the clientele was interested in.

As soon as I started packing up, the regulars came flooding into the room, plugging coins into the juke box and taking up pool cues.

I remember that it was a bitter cold night and that I pulled my vehicle around to a side door, that opened near the pool table. I got my equipment over near that door and began taking what I could carry, carefully and quickly closing the door behind me each time I went out.

Even so, several times I got "SHUT THE DAMN DOOR!" from the pool players.

Now every time I drive to Madison and see the Poynette exit sign I think of that disastrous night and secretly hope that "The Gables" burned down.


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