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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Fire is the Devil's Friend - CLOSE CALL AT OFFICE

The old expression: "Here today, gone tomorrow" has been in my head a lot since last Sunday. That's the day my office couch erupted in flames!

I have a standard winter routine. I come to the office, turn on the computer so it can load, then attend to the stove. If there are live coals from the day before, I add small kindling.

Sunday was one of those mornings where there was little life in the bed of coals - or so I thought. I had been saving up card board for just such an occasion, so I tore some of that up and laid it on the dying embers. It came to life a lot faster than I anticipated so I went and got more card board.

I am not completely sure I know what happened but a live ember most have jumped ship when I was looking the other way. I added a small amount of kindling, closed the stove door, and went to sit at the computer. Within seconds I heard foreign sound behind me - I turned to see my little couch in flames!

First I attempted to beat the flames out with a pillow - then realized only water would extinguish the rapidly climbing flames. I rushed to the sink, ran a small jar of water (it seemed like hours for it to fill) and threw it on the flames. It didn't go out - there was still signs of burning so I went and got more water.

By the time I got the fire out completely, the couch (as you can see) was severely damaged. To say that I was in a state of shock is an understatement. First I couldn't believe that it had actually happened and as time passed I couldn't believe that I was able to extinguish the fire without a fire extinguisher! How stupid am I not to have one at the ready!

Today I realize how very lucky I was to have been able to get it out before the whole office and contents were destroyed. Of course, I would like to replace the couch, but have no money for that. I found that it will suffice for now by covering it with a blanket.

It is much more important to get to Menard's and purchase a good fire extinguisher.

The "fire sale" smell of smoke has dissipated - and I have cleaned up the mess. And I have given thanks many times since last Sunday!

Tuesday, December 6, I went in to Mayo Clinic, Midlefort, in Eau Claire and had a basal carcinoma about the size of a nickel removed from just behind and below my left ear. Carcinomas are a form of skin cancer, brought on by exposure to sunlight - I had noticed the strange little growth nearly a year ago, but it wasn't until I was assigned to a new doctor that he found it.

Turns out, carcinomas are rampant with the deterioration of the ozone, thanks to greedy corporations like the Koch brothers who don't care if the ozone is destroyed - there is money to be made.

Then we have our illustrious newly elected Senator Ron Johnson who tells us that there is no such thing as climate change. I have a wish: Senator Johnson sun bathes in the nude and gets several carcinomas on his pee pee.

The incision is healing nicely with the help of Kim who is acting as my nurse and changing my bandage daily. Hopefully I will be bandage free by the weekend.

Please say a prayer for my friend Matt Capell who underwent double knee replacement surgery last Monday. The first couple weeks are really rough. I can attest to that - and I only had one knee done!

get well, soon, Matthew!


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