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Monday, February 28, 2011


We Americans are living at a real turning point in our history. As the "Wisconsin 14" still refuses to return to Wisconsin - and for good reason.

The longer they can stay in seclusion the more, it seems, the real truth about Governor Walker's cozy connection with the Millionaire Koch Brothers is making it's way into the hearts and minds of even Republicans in the state of Wisconsin.

As I have been emphasizing this week, what is happening in Madison is all tied to the long range goals of the Tri-Lateral Commission, a cover group for the present growing oligarchy.

A friend of mine summed it up best:

It confirms my deepest suspicion in all this. Namely, that in the end this issue is far beyond budget
cuts, and even bargaining rights for public servants. It is about the cynical attempt on the part of the
elite, oligarchy in this country to use their financial resources to create a class war between members
of the middle class. 'Divide and conquer' takes on a whole new and deeply sinister meaning.

Today, the following story is online:

After opening up a lobbying office in downtown Madison and pouring millions of dollars into Scott Walker's campaign, the Koch brothers appeared to be one step closer to pushing ahead with their union busting despite hundreds of thousands of protesters in Madison.

But on Sunday the cyber protest group Anonymous joined the protesters across the nation in what they described as a battle against "the Koch brothers attempt to usurp democracy." The first shot came when the Koch brothers funded Americans for Prosperity was knocked offline.

Anonymous put the Koch brothers on notice via a press release that said "[i]t has come to our attention that the brother, David and Charles Koch- the billionaire owners of Koch Industries-have long attempted to usurp American Democracy. Their actions to undermine the legitimate political process in Wisconsin are the final straw. Starting today we fight back."

The release continued, calling the brothers oligarchs intent on scooping up Wisconsin's publicly owned utility plants and accusing them of stirring unrest and undermining the democratic process.

The support couldn't have come at a better time as Madison police were told to clear out protesters after nearly two-weeks of non-stop protesting. Some protesters left voluntarily, while others resisted peacefully, subjecting themselves to arrest. The doors of the Capitol were closed at 4 p.m. but the protests continued on through Sunday evening.

Meanwhile, Mother Jones is reporting that Wisconsin Republican Senator Dale Schultz had a change of heart and would not be supporting the union-busting bill. Assuming the reports are correct, then only two other Republican Senators would need to change their minds in oder to successfully block the measure.

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Some might ask if this is the truth. If it was the truth wouldn't it be on network news? Hate to be cynical but who do you think owns all the networks? The networks will give you their version of the truth or for the most part try to divert your attention with talent and game shows.

Now more than ever it is importrant for Americans to read - to actually form some educated opinions - before it is too late. It may be already.

Wisconsin is the test of that right now.



From: Larry Heagle [mailto:lheagle@clearwire.net]
Sent: Tuesday, February 22, 2011 9:02 AM
To: Sen.Larson

Dear Senator:

Thank you so much for your courageous stand on the so-called budget crisis. Anyone who does some reading knows what is going on in Madison - it is union busting, plain and simple. Walker is the stooge of the Koch Brothers and other greedy big money interests who want to entirely crush the middle class.

It is most important that you continue to do your job and stay secluded out of state. Let me know if and when we should start raising expense money for all of you to continue the fight and we will get it done through Face Book.

Every night my spouse and I watch MSNBC to get an honest appraisal of what is happening. Thank God for the Ed Schultz Show. And thank God for all of you! Stand fast! You are the last hope of a great Wisconsin tradition.

best regards,

Larry Heagle
Fall Creek, WI 54742

today i received this e mail from Senator Chris Larson, 7th District

Thank you for contacting me regarding Governor Walker’s use of the Budget Adjustment Bill to reverse 50 years of Wisconsin history in preserving worker rights.

As you know, Senate Democrats have chosen to stand with Wisconsin workers and unions. We ask that the Republican majority reconsider their unprecedented attack on Wisconsin workers, their communities and our tradition of working with labor to move Wisconsin forward. We ask simply that they come to the bargaining table and address the concerns of so many from across Wisconsin.

Beyond stripping away rights, this bill will also give the governor the unchecked authority to make dramatic cuts to the state’s safety net programs like Badgercare and Seniorcare. It even gives the governor the ability to sell off 36 state-owned power plants using NO BID contracts.

As the Republicans have refused to negotiate, we have had to take the only option left, a constitutional filibuster. It is my hope that they will listen and address our concerns.

I appreciate your support in the fight ahead of us.

The rubber-stamp Republican Legislature is doing everything they can to railroad the governor’s radical agenda through the Legislature. Please continue your advocacy with him as well as with your friends and community. We need you to let your neighbors know that this assault on worker rights will hurt every person and every community across Wisconsin. It will drive down wages and decrease work place safety for all Wisconsin workers, union and non-union alike.

If you attend any of the rallies at the State Capitol, please feel free to visit my office at 22 South. Although I am not presently able to be at my office, my staff has kept the office open to the public every day since last Thursday. They are sending me messages and information. I am also updating people directly via Twitter.

Thank you again for emailing me and for joining me in opposing Governor Walker on this crucial issue.

In Solidarity,

Chris Larson
State Senator
7th District


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