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Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Anytime you get me and Patty Stangel (my favorite photographer) together crazy will rule. This morning, at manager Liz Fischer's behest, and because Fr. John is in town giving a retreat at St James the Greater Parish, the three of us got together at 11AM right after John's morning session to do some publicity shots for the upcoming May performances of "He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother".

Before I go any further, one of the reasons there hasn't been much on the blog lately is that I have been really busy pouring over the video that was done the last time we performed the show together. In fact, I laboriously stopped and started the video tape again and again to get the original script in working order.

I am excited also because we will be adding new stories and updating the show which was first performed (can you believe this??) in April of 1990! Man! That's a heart attack and a motorcycle accident ago!

So Patty and I arrived at St James the Greater and John joined us in official priest garb; black suit and Roman collar. We took some shots with John sitting on the arm of an easy chair and yours truly hunkered down, and then we reversed spots. Next we took shots with the two of us leaning back to back with the over the shoulder approach.

When we seemed to be out of ideas, Patty suggested something I had already toyed with in the back of my devious mind: Why don't you switch outfits? Up stairs to John's room we went and swapped. Truthfully, I couldn't get the trousers buttoned, but with the black belt snugged up, it was covered.

We went back down stairs and really had a laugh! I think my favorite shot was the pose of John going to confession to a look of disgust on Fr. Larry's face.

There will be a DVD made of the final performance of our "world tour" at the Mabel Tainter Theatre in Menomonie on sunday afternoon, May 18th and I Liz and I are already thinking that the "confession" shot might be just the one for the cover.

Unfortunately, Patty is still working with a regular camera -- no digital -- so we couldn't see the work instantly but she will try to get them onto a CD for us by Friday and I will publish some of the shots here on the blog as soon as I get them.

I am assured that we will be doing a friday evening performance somewhere in Merrill, Wisconsin. The Lions Club is supposed to be securing the venue but as of tonight they still do not have one!

The other reason that I haven't been writing much this week is that I am going through my annual late winter "where the hell is spring?" depression. This is something that happens to me every year at this point of the season. And I am certain that I am not alone in this! Kim has been in Mexico with her sister and her mom for over a week and a half and for several days it was all I could do to get my butt out of bed. Today's snow and shift in temps downward didn't do much to help.

But today I feel like I am making a comeback! I even started to tackle the terrible mess this office is in and have regained the desk area and part of the kitchen. So there is hope!


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