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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Two Latest Helmet Purchases Represent Last Year's NFC Playoff

The second of two Schutt helmets I won on eBay arrived yesterday and I set to work applying the decals on the yellow helmet to represent a Green Bay Packers line backer.

Putting the two together for the photo brought back bittersweet memories of last year's very cold and extremely disappointing defeat in over time at the hands of the G-Men.

But it also brought back wonderful memories of Brett Favre's last year at the helm and the end of an era the likes of which we may not see again in my life time.

This past Sunday he outdid his individual game touch down pass record by throwing six touch down passes against the Arizona Cardinals. Green Bay and the state of Wisconsin were truly blessed to have the country boy from Mississippi with us for such a long tenure.

I don't think I can ever forgive Ted Thompson for his crude handling of the situation this past summer. Now the question becomes how long will it be before Rogers goes down with an injury and the Packers are left with two rookies to carry the team down stairs to the basement of the North Division?

As for me, when that happens, it will be time to buy myself a number 4 Jets jersey and start paying attention to the Jets schedule for the rest of the season!


Up at 5 AM this morning, Kim and I breakfasted at The Norske Nook on our way to LaCrosse to see if we could hear and maybe catch a glimpse of the next President of the United States, Barack Obama.

We arrived around 8:30 AM and for the first time since my motorcycle accident, I was rather glad that I had been injured so severely. The laminated card that I use at airports when I set off the security alarm systems allowed us to bypass the huge crowd that was gathering and we actually got folding chairs less than fifty feet from the stage.

The security people manning the electronic metal detectors relieved me of my handy-dandy folding mini-pen knife, the blade of which is two inches long. If it hadn't been so laughable I suppose I may have been angry.

As if I could or would attack a presidential candidate with that little hors d'ouvre sticker! Ping! Ouch! What the hell was that?

There were Secret Service guys on the roof of the adjacent LaCrosse Center with the biggest damn binoculars I have ever seen!

Mr. Obama gave a rousing talk, covering many of the points that he had in the recent debate and adding his own views on the present Wall Street breakdown. He touched both Kim and me very deeply and I dare say he did the same to the entire crowd. What I found fascinating was the great variance in age of those who came to listen.

I will b e interested to find out just how many folks he drew this morning.

As with the debate, time just seemed to fly and too soon he was waving to all of us before leaving to catch a plane back to Washington D.C. to try and deal with the financial melt down in which we find ourselves embroiled.

Not since John Kennedy have I felt the charisma that I experienced today.


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