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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Today is Cleaning Woman Day -- Kim and I To Escape on Bikes On Eau Claire Trail to Enjoy Some Sun!

Every other wednesday, we have a wonderful lady that comes in and gives the house a going over. (Wish I could say the same for the office, but I have grown used to living amidst the clutter.)

So today, with the translucence of an early October sun beaming through the magnificent yellow leaves of my office maple and the fact that my body has been given a brief reprieve from the pain of fibromyalgia, Kim and I are loading up the bicycles in the "Big Tomato" and heading for the Eau Claire bike trails to get some fresh air, exercise, and then reward ourselves with a vegetarian sub from Erbert and Gerbert's (or as we like to call it: "Erbbies and Gerbbies") with the pleasant company of madman Doug Cox.

We have to spend as much time with doug as possible because as soon as the temperatures hit freezing and there is any hint of Wisconsin winter, doug will be winging his way back to San Francisco and his winter quarters.


After last night's debate, I took the time to express my editorial views for the local press:

From Larry Heagle
4896 Hobbs Rd
Fall Creek, WI 54742
To Leader-Telegram, La Crosse Tribune, Wisconsin State Journal, Chippewa Herald, Wausau Daily Herald
8 Years More Than Enough

Yesterday I saw an automobile with a "Bush '04" sticker on one side of the bumper, and a "McCain" sticker on the other side.

It stuns me that anyone can look over the last eight years and make a conscious decision to continue to follow the same tired politics that brought us the failure of New Orleans, The Keating Five, the dreadful war in Iraq that we were led into with lies and on and on!

Mr. McCain continually attacks Barack Obama about not admitting that the "surge is working" in Iraq. Well, excuse me, but when Bin Laden crashed two jets into the World Trade Center it was done to bring America down through economics and Bush and cronies have played right into his hands.

There is no way one can say the surge is working when the war has cost us thousands of lives and millions of dollars, precipitating our present economic mess.

We need to change our leadership by actually electing someone who is capable of leading.

John McCain, a member of the Keating Five, is no example of leadership! Now, more than ever, we need the calm, steady hand of Barack Obama.

Larry Heagle
Fall Creek, WI

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