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Wednesday, October 22, 2008


The last two trips that friends and I made to Durand for the Harmon chicken dinners, every time we passed through Downsville I would point out that TJ's Inn, Downsville, run by John and Kris Widmar, has the aboslute BEST sirloin steaks in my eating experience.

In fact, I am certain I have extolled the virtues of John's method of aging steaks in this column before.

So this week, yesterday eve to be exact, four old actors of Eau Claire State's summer theatre glory years, Wil Denson, Bob Carr, Doug Cox, and myself, set out for TJ's to see if what I said was really true.

The menu offers sirloin for one (16 ounces!) at $16.95 and sirloin for two (THIRTY TWO OUNCES!!!) for $33.00. Wil and I deceided we would split the sirloin for one. Bob and Doug opted to order the sirloin for two (pictured), and ended up taking some of it home.

No one was disappointed! All four of us thoroughly enjoyed our dinners and the company of our waitress Kim and her dry sense of humor.


Too bad the campaigns are ending so soon. Sarah Palin just keeps putting her "real American" foot in her mouth every day -- the latest being that she doesn't even really understand what the job of the vice president is!

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