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Sunday, October 26, 2008

It has been a good weekend workwise! Friday night the band sallied forth to Sammy's Pizza, London Road, Eau Claire, with a much better crowd than we were able to draw last September 19. We did a lot more of the comedy which I think helped hold the crowd longer as well.

Saturday night, I traveled over to Norma's Place, east of Cornell, Wisconsin, on the way to Gilman. We celebrated owner Sue's 40th birthday as well as a Halloween costume party. Pictured in the pirate costume is co-owner Jeff, Sue's husband.

Again, I drew a pretty heft crowd, especially for first time in. I was glad that Kim came along as we shared dinner and she helped keep me awake on the drive home.

Today, sunday, I volunteered to do some work at the Eau Claire Democratic Party HQ in downtown Eau Claire, where I spent several hours stuffing envelopes and hand writing some cards urging voters to get out and vote for Obama.

Pictured are a couple of friends of mine that I bumped into while working today,. Peg Enders, who has been avery good friend and fan of mine since my "Howard Johnson" years and Jo Burke, an outstanding teacher and president of the teachers union wee both on hand today, working and sharing stories.

The highlight of the afternoon was the visit of a farm couple from down Osseo way, wearing their John Deere caps. (I should have gotten a picture of them). they came in to paick up some large Obama signs to put up on their farm property to (as they put it) "balance out all the McCain signs near them").


I came up against some grim reality this past week when I went to order my winter's stove wood from my usual source and found that he was already sold out -- at $70 a face cord!!!

I did some looking around, made a few calls, and luckily found a source that would sell me six face cords at $50 a face cord. I will have to wait a week or two for delivery, but I have enough scrap around here to keep the home fires burning until then.

My thanks to Judy Willink for helping me find my way through that problem!


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