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Monday, January 2, 2012

Wilson/Heagle Conclave Celebrates 35th wedding Anniversary

January first is Kim and Larry's wedding anniversary. I always joke that the reason I wanted to marry on January 1 was so I would remember the occasion by waking up with an alcohol induced pounding headache from New Year's Eve.

Boy! Have things changed. New Year's Eve day I picked up my friend Doug Cox and we went down to Water Street and joined the "old timers" from UWEC theatre who gather every year at noon on the 31st.

I had a shot of Stolichnaya (Russia's revenge) before I left to pick up Doug and over lunch I had a Bloody Mary backed with a "snit" of beer. That's all the alcohol I consumed!

By the time I got back home, around 2PM, I was physically ill from the drinks. Not drunk - just nauseous. I simply cannot drink anymore. and that's a blessing in disguise - who needs to spend money on alcohol anyway? I can get the same effect just by standing up too quickly!

It was good to see the old guard - we all sang Auld Lang Syne and David White performed two monologues - The Walrus and the Carpenter and The Jabberwock(?) both by Lewis Carroll - how David can remember THAT is beyond my comprehension..

We shared theatre "war stories" - I told my favorite. I was in Shakespeare's "A Comedy of Errors", portraying one of the twin slaves. Late in the show there is a confrontation between my master (who is accompanied by his wife) and a courtesan. He is adamantly denying that he knows this strumpet, played by a gal named Nancy Briggs.

She has the line: "Sayest thou doth not know me? Here is the ring you snatched from my finger."

The night of final dress rehearsal she got to that line and unknowingly said: "Sayest thou doth not know me? Here is the ring you fingered from my snatch."

Needless to say, the entire cast lost it! Except for Nancy - she was totally unaware of what she had said. "What?" "What?" "Why are you laughing?"

Needless to say Dr Earl Kjer, our director, was not happy with our reaction and the complete loss of character. The show opened and every night, when we got to that line, the entire cast would hold their collective breath - and Nancy would slow down her delivery and concentrate!

She got through the entire ring without making that mistake!


What an amazing show Mr. Matt Flynn put on yesterday in the Packers 45 - 41 defeat of the Lions! He set a franchise record of 6 touchdowns in a game!

I fired off an e mail to my friend "Blinky" Johnson who was in Superior, Wisconsin over the weekend and I have to share the e mail I got from him in reply:

No local TV here Sunday, and I didn't feel like fighting the crowds in bars with a dish. Followed the game in the old-fashioned way: listened to it on the radio. Happy that Flynn had such a great game: almost 500 yards and 6TDs! So, I'm inclined to trade Rogers for many draft choices, keep Flynn and bring back Favre as the quarterback coach and assistant GM. Is Ray Rhodes available to be the DC, by the way? Flynn could even take over the lease at Favre's Steakhouse and text message a picture of his penis to Dianna Favre. I'm spending a lot of time alone here in Souptown and these things make perfect sense to me. Did I mention my idea about trading Donald Driver to the Vikings ?

A great thing for Flynn is that he is going to get beaucoup bucks next year for wherever he signs. MMNM seems to be having a resurgence at the end of the season, and then Jennings is coming back! I can't wait to see the Saints bitch slap the Lions. Bitch slap them, Mr. 'aitch!
El Loco


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