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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pizza and Using the Leftovers

My good friend and traveling buddy, Mr. Thomas Johnson, stopped for an overnight last night, which of course meant that we would be having his favorite "Larry Heagle" pizza, the treasured "Blinky", so-called because of an eye condition Mr Johnson once suffered on a trip to Lambeau Field - the trip wherein he gained the nickname "Blinky" and yours truly the nickname: "Little Bladder Man", which needs no explanation and sounds somewhat Native American. The pie is home made Italian sausage and jalepeno-stuffed green olives on a bed of sauce and real Wisconsin provolone.
After blueberry buttermilk pancakes, Mr. Johnson was on his way to Madison around 9:30 AM and I have been working steadily all day - at what, I couldn't tell you, but I know I have kept the wood stove going at a rapid burn all day.

Around 2:30 earlier this afternoon I decided I would make myself some lunch - so I used up some left overs. I made an Italian Breakfast Sandwich:

One slice Muffin bread, toasted, buttered
One hamburger sized patty of the left over Italian sausage
One circle cut of the provolone cheese
One large egg

I toasted and buttered the bread, set it aside while I grilled the Italian sausage patty in a wrought iron frying pan. After turning the patty, I topped it with the provolone and continued to cook until provolone began melting.
In the meantime, I dropped the one large egg into a small no stick pan, added a couple of drops of water, covered it and cooked just til yoke began to be translucent.

I put the cheesed patty on top of the toast, topped that with the fried egg and called it breakfast! And it was good!


I have some stories to tell - but it's already going on 6PM and I gotta run to the house and feed those kitties! Story time tomorrow!



flcnhgtspckr said...
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flcnhgtspckr said...

what i meant to say was:

that pizza looks great as does the breakfast sandwich!

Travelins said...

Thanks! Give the breakfast sandwich a try sometime!