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Wednesday, January 11, 2012


It took some doing, but with the help of a charity that came out and loaded up a large sofa that took up way too much room, and moving everything else around into a logical, space saving order, I know have a humidified room in which to practice or just sit and read!

I had one of "those days" today. I opened up the monthly statement from good old AT&T to write a check for the monthly amount and suddenly realized that my check book was not in the one of two places it usually is in at my little office.

I back tracked the past week in my mind and decided that the last check I wrote was for dinner with Doug Cox and Kim at T.J.'s Inn in Downsville - home of the best aged sirloin anywhere. I checked my online checking account and according to it, the check to T.J.'s was the last check I wrote.

If you have ever misplaced something as important as either your check book or your wallet you know how entirely exasperated (or as Doug would say "hesperasated) I was - If you are like me, you start looking everywhere it possibly could be, including the laundry basket, the garbage can, the inside pocket of all winter jackets, the top drawer of the dresser, back pockets of jeans -places where you know darn well it isn't, but you look anyway.

This went on for nearly three hours until I decided I had better go through some old notebooks that I had discarded near the stove for burning. And I will be doggone! Right in the middle of that mess I find the blue-covered RCU logo'ed check book!

Usually when I find something I will then remember when I put it where I found it - but what is entirely frightening is that I have no idea why my check book was where it was.

So I have it back in front of my computer where it usually resides. But now I have a much more uneasy feeling about taking care of things like wallets and check books. I don't like it!


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