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Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Tuesday morning - started off with strong coffee and bagel/cream cheese at Panera Bread then proceeded to Scarred Heart Hospital to be with my good pal Doug Cox who had a cardiac "episode" this past saturday and has been hospitalized since.

Doug is in need of repair to a very faulty heart valve and a triple bypass. Right now the doctors are trying to decide if they should operate by this friday or wait until next monday. There is some risk involved if they wait until monday because he has only one artery that is operating and they are weaning him off his blood thinners already.

Douglas is being a good patient so far, but is missing his good dog, Walter.

Kim came and picked me up at the hospital to share lunch with her at a nearby restaurant. We had no sooner left Sacred Heart than my cell rang and it was my surgeon's nurse, sounding the alarm that after reading the results of my latest blood test, my potassium levels are too high - so I have two days to get them down by thursday 10 am when I go in for another blood test. If the levels are still too high, my gall bladder surgery will have to be put off until I can get the levels where the surgeon wants them.

So after I finish this tome, I will have to google lowering potassium and see what I need to avoid.

This morning while here in Doug's room, I was watching music videos on my computer and Doug motioned for me to remove my headphones, pointing to the TV screen above my head. Seems he had ESPN on and the latest from ESPN is that Brett Favre has been calling, texting his fellow Viking team mates and telling them that he is retiring because the surgically repaired ankle "isn't where he would like it to be". Supposedly he is to release the news in a press release this afternoon.

If I were you I wouldn't hold my breath. It's just Brett wanting the attention and spotlight focused on himself. Just watch. Come opening day of the season that ankle will make a miraculous recovery and the old boy will be back at it again.



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