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Sunday, August 15, 2010


These photos, of course, have been published in exactly the opposite order that they should have been so associate the writing with the picture at the bottom and work your way up.

I hooked up wth my old fishing pal. Steve "Roy" Rogers at the gas station junction of highways 27/29, Cadott, and we headed out for an evening of exhibition football at Lambeau.
We managed to find a ten dollar parking spot about four blocks from the stadium and I did my best impression of a tortoise. We were in the process of crossing Lombardi Avenue when from behind me I hear a woman say: "Larry Heagle?" Then a male voice yells "Larry Heagle!" and it's my younger brother Anson and his wife Diana!

In typical Heagle communication, neither of us knew that the other was going to the game. 68,900 people headed for the entrances and I find family! freaky, man! What are the odds!!!

My overall impression of the team is that we have a long way to go before we face the Philadelphia Iggles. I had this pre-conceived notion that we would kick Cleveland ass soundly.

Matt Flynn acquitted himself pretty well, I thought.

The game was hot and sweaty but the lovely women of Wisconsin, wearing as little as possible, made the trip worthwhile if we'd missed every snap.

This is the first time i have gone to a pre-season game and the atmosphere is completely different than it is - oh say - mid November.

The Wave -- again and again. large beach balls being bounced from section to section. We had seats in the corner of the end zone - unfortunately every time the Packers got down near our goal line, the quarter would end and they would ship them to Appleton for the next quarter.
Because of my incisions and faulty knee, we left about five minutes before the end of the game only to find out that tha Pack lost by a field goal on the last play.
Lambeau Field is a great place to be. If you haven't had the privilege, but it on your to do list and start saving some beer money.

Steve dropped me off at my car about 1:05 and I tried to stay awake until I got home.



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