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Saturday, February 28, 2009


It's just after midnight, sunday morning and I am beat up pretty badly from a road trip up to Siren, Wisconsin, and back but thought I would make an entry here before I find a hot bath.

The gig was for a whole passel of Bremer banks in central and northern Wisconsin and the audience was made up heavily of my favorite kind of people: women. I had some very nice conversations with several of them before they sat down to dinner and they were in fine form as they had been doing "jello shots" on the bus on the way to the Northern Event Center (which by the way, is connected to Madden's Steak House and supposedly has some mighty fine steaks on the menu).

I visited with a former student of mine from my teaching days and with another gal from Menomonie who remembered me from back in the day.

Overall, I was not happy with my performance, but there are many time when I am not. The powers that be seemed happy with it and that is what's important.

While sitting in the bar during dinner, I ovrheard some conversations that yielded a couple of possible song lyrics that I quicly scribbled down:

"she was lookin' better than not too bad" (I really like that one!)

and a young woman said this:

"With all the botox I can still make faces"

Whether these will go anywhere or not is another question.


The navy blue football helmet that I put up on my blog arrived and turned out to be too disappointing to use in my Chicago Bears project, so currently I am pursuing another lead on eBay which will end March 5.

Off to bed!


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