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Sunday, April 14, 2013


Having a devil of a time getting the photos from today to load onto the blog site. They seem to all be up now but in no order whatsoever so see if you can figure them out. One of them is a view out my tenth story window looking toward Lake Michigan that I took early this morning while the cold 40 temperatures were still upon us.

The photo just to the left of that is of Doug standing just outside what was the front door of his apartment building on Belden when he was a wee lad. We did some walking and reminiscing around his old haunts before taking the bus to the ball game at 1:20PM.

The photo above that has Doug standing in front of a bronze statue of the Bard on Avon inscribed: "What a piece of work is man" etc.
Doug told me that as an eight year old he would climb up and sit in Shakespeare's lap. Try as I might, I couldn't get him to do that for this photo!

By the time we got to the ball park, (two pictures to left and above), the sun had come out and we had just sat down in our seats when the announcer called "PLAY BALL!" Again the seats were exquisite and the game was a real barn burner with the Cubs leading most of the way, but Pence hit a single home run with a 3-2 count in the top of the ninth to tie the game and the Giants stopped the Cubs with one run in their half of the inning to put the game into extra innings.

The Giants put up three runs in the top of the tenth and Doug's favorite reliever, Romo, came in and shut them down with just one man on base to end the game.

The weather turned out to be beautiful all afternoon with temps in the low 60's and no wind - we both got some sun and are looking quite ruddy this evening.

Time for bed - tomorrow is travel day to Milwaukee by Amtrak and also my 72nd birthday!

Carry on!


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