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Friday, April 12, 2013


Today is the day that my good friend and huge San Francisco Giants fan, Doug and I, leave for Chicago to see the Giants battle the Cubs for two games, saturday, April 13. and sunday April 14.

Unfortunately, when the trip was booked, it was with the enthusiastic hopes that Spring would have truly arrived and temperatures would be in the 60's. But if you live anywhere near Chicago you know that is not the case. Instead, temperatures have been hovering around freezing and we have been getting intermittent snow.

So Wrigley field could be a real challenge! I have spent two days organizing and reorganizing my packing to prepare for saturday's 40 degree temperatures and sunday's high of sixty degrees. Plenty of long underwear, warm socks, and stocking caps. Unfortunately I don't own one of those "bank holdup" ski masks, and this time of year, nobody has them in stock!

Okay, so I bring a long scarf and do Lawrence of Arabia!

We are staying in a great old hotel - the name of which escapes me just now but I intend to cover the entire trip with blogs and pictures so I will let you know.

Monday will be our day off and my (gulp) 72nd birthday, which we will celebrate by taking a train up to Milwaukee and the Knickerbocker Hotel (there, I remembered that one!) and my younger brother Anson is coming down from Algoma to join us for birthday dinner at a good German restaurant.

Anson will be staying overnight and going with us to Miller Park for the first of two games between the Giants and the Brewers in a domed and much more comfortable atmosphere.

So I'll catch up with you later! LET'S GO GIANTS! (I gotta cheer for SF -- Doug paid for the whole trip as a birthday gift!)


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