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Sunday, October 14, 2012


Today I want to share an e mail I received from my "Cousin-in-law" who lives down in Jeb Bush country. I share it because I feel there is no way I could have said it any better!

My Darling Cousins:

I could point to emerging articles that cite a failure to communicate between the State Dept. and the White House on embassy security in Libya, so maybe Joe Biden was correct to say that they weren't told, if "they" are the White House. (You know what, I HATE parsing, but I just did it. Sheesh!)

I ask myself what is worse; the failure of Solyndra or the Keystone Pipeline? Yep, since 96% of the green energy initiative has been successful, I guess I'll go green.

Fact checkers are quick to weigh in on every moment of this presidential campaign, but it is only the Romney ticket that has said that they will not let fact checkers dictate what they say. I'd rather be caught in an error than state out right that I plan to ignore facts. In the end we have to make up our own minds.

It is clear that the Obama administration badly mishandled communications regarding the Benghazi attack; a terrible oversight. Still it was the Republican controlled House that blocked additional spending for embassy security throughout the Middle East. So what's a mother to do? You can't win for losing.

It's all one big adventure in Post Truth Politics in the U.S. big leagues. The Obama administration makes mistakes, and the Romney ticket dissembles and refuses to disclose.

Note from the Vikki World: The emerging mistake by the Obama administration in Benghazi doesn't even approach Bush's invasion of Iraq (and our personal privacy.) Bill Clinton could fuck Shirley Temple with a cigar on national television and his lies to the the American People don't come close to Richard Nixon's; in impact or in substance. I have come to loathe the GOP and have outright disliked every presidential candidate it's fielded throughout my life as a voter.

For me the deciding factor in this election are the upcoming Supreme Court nominations and the effect they will have on the systematic gutting of the right to a safe, legal abortion and access to low cost women's healthcare in the wake of the the primarily Republican "Pro-Life" movement. (You may well ask, exactly whose Life is it it that they are Pro?) I would not consider voting for a ticket that wants to see Roe vs. Wade overturned, nor one that treats women health as the GOP does. Can you say trans-vaginal ultrasound?

My other issue is that I have experienced adequate proof that trickle down economics does not work, and I am not signing up for more of that.

Finally it is only government intervention that can rebuild our crumbling infrastructure. There is no other source that has the money.

Something else I revile myself for saying but I have to, since it is the truth. I would NEVER vote for a Mormon. Period. Make no mistake. Their church calls the shots, period, and Mitt is devout. Consider the L.D.S. Church's overthrow of Prop. 8 in California which was so brilliantly (and Pulitzer-prize winningly) unmasked. Any church that requires financial statements from its members (apparently for purposes of tithing which is the key to getting "Temple Recommends") and then uses that information to send out letters saying "You can afford to pay $5,921.45 to overturn marriage equality," is not an organization I would care to see represented in the halls of power; let alone one of their members who may have turned around and mailed in a check.

I value my principles and I know which party reflects them. I refuse to be dissuaded from supporting what I think is just simply because politicians twist facts

I know where I stand. Everyone else may feel free to stand wherever they like. ;)

My love to you all.


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