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Monday, September 24, 2012


We recently received two nice, shiny fliers from two organizations.  The first, from "Citizens For a Strong America" (read Koch Brothers money)attacking out of office Jeff Smith and the other from "60 Plus Association", Alexandria, VA. (read Karl Rove) inviting us to a "Healthcare Town Hall Meeting.

The flyer aimed at Jeff Smith had a not-so-subtle tone:  "another rotten idea for Wisconsin".

The first thing that caught my attention was the high quality card stock the flyer was printed on, the fact that it was printed on both sides, and how very small the type was for the sources  listed.

So I googled The Wisconsin Policy Research Institute.  One listing said it is a "non-partisan, non-profit think tank" but it turns out it is not so "non-partisan" as it is funded by none other than the very wealthy Koch Brothers.

The flyer lists six unsubstantiated points, but, hey!  It is on such nice paper!  and in color, too!

The other flyer, inviting us to the town hall meeting advertises free food and refreshments, free t-shirts and prizes, among them a new Kindle Fire!

Again, heavy shiny card stock, two sides.  Set me to wondering how many of the 47% could actually have used this money beneficially.

My point is this:  Don't be dazzled by shiny objects and unsubstantiated claims.  Use the brains God gave you and do a little research!

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