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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Voting Straight Democrat - the lesser of evils.

Well, here it is tuesday and I am still emotionally and physically hung over - emotionally because our beloved Green Bay Packers "thugged it out" in Chicago - and physically from stacking five cords of firewood over the weekend. You simply cannot commit 18 penalties in a game and even have a chance to win. And even at that they did have a chance to win. Remember that short easy pass that would have been a touchdown? The rookie let it go right through his hands.

Mr. McCarthy better instill some discipline in his ranks.

C'mon guys. Play the game with some expertise. Everybody holds - but some know how to do it so it goes unnoticed.

And the refs sucked as usual.

As did the Bear fans who yelled at Nick Collins, calling him a nigger and spitting on him. In my estimation, Collins reacted fairly enough by returning fire with his mouth piece.

It has gotten so that I have given up going to games in person because of trash like that.


Feeling much better today. Because I am such a dumb ass I always forget that if I over exert myself, within a day, the fibromyalgia will kick my ass around the block. Which it did.

This afternoon its to the doctor for a blood draw and regularly scheduled meetings.

I am now about six weeks out of the gall bladder operation and so far so good.


I am so sick of politics. Mark Belling, candidate challenging Senator Feinfold's seat said: The Feingold garage ad "is a fake: He’s not standing in front of his house."

So what's your point?

Of course he is green screened to save time so that he can get actual work done! But you will notice from earlier shots, that is his same house.

What a freakin' idiot!


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