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Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I looked forward to Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers last night at the State Theatre, down town Eau Claire and he didn't disappoint in the least. He is an incredibly agile five string banjo player backed by an equally incredible band of North Carolina pickers. Not only that, Steve is a hell of a writer as witnessed with his recent Emmy winning tune.

and his wild and crazy sense of humor is alive and well! Using the ruse of tuning his banjo, he kept me laughing out loud all evening long.

At one point he started talking about his pants - how the seat of his pants never appeared to wrinkle - he asked if any of the band had been ironing them - weeks went by and then he figured it out - Steve stated:: "I realized I have a steamy hot ass."

He introduced the Emmy winner by saying "I walked off with an Emmy with this next song - and was very surprised to find out two weeks later that I had won the award."

After leaving the stage to give the band a chance to really show off their chops by singing a great old gospel tune in tight accapella four part harmony (which brought the house down), Steve came back to sing a gospel tune for Athiests as they have no music of their own.

They were dearly loved by the Eau Claire audience who got them out for three encores, including King Tut.

The only annoyance for the evening was the fact that we had paid good money for the seats that are right before an area where two rows of seats have been removed and some young yahoos crept down the aisle - and took up a squatting position to take pictures (which shouldn't he been allowed) and of course, he was about six three and with all the hullabaloo we missed some great dialogue.

so I have been happily recalling the show all day today - good thing I had this positive ammunition. I came over to the office to find that last night's storm had pulled the electrical wiring leading to the meter out of its moorings and the wire (thankfully just a ground wire) was hanging so low it was in the bushes near the structure.

I called Eau Claire Electric Cooperative and Keith told me that according to records that wiring had been put in in 1951 - two years before Kim was born!

I am assured that it will be repaired at no expense to us. It's always something though, isn't it?

Took the Xb to the car wash and noticed that their was a kind of "frost network" at the bottom of the speedometer clear plastic cover. I attempted to wash it off and it suddenly smeared the network into a solid mass of etched plastic. so I took it to the dealership and found out from the young man in detailing that I must have gotten Armorall mist on the plastic bezel - The part will cost me nearly $37.00 and then there will be installation.

So that's my ":take some advice" for today. Don't let any Armorall or chemicals designed for glass get on your clear plastic or you are screwed!


Robert "One Man" Johnson and lovely wife Margie took time out of their busy schedule to breakfast with us recently. Robert and Marge are probably my oldest and dearest friends as Bob and I met as sophomores at then Eau Claire State College. He is a well established international musician - if you ever get a chance to see and hear him play, don't miss it. I say SEE and hear because he is an amazing one man band.

I was telling him about the absolute hijacking of my muse (by life in general I guess) - not having written much - and he offered me the following to add to the song parodies:

To Tune of Eric Clapton's "Cocaine"

If yer hair's fallin' out
Makes you wanna shout

If yer gettin' fat
But yer hair's gettin' thin

it grows hair,
It grows hair,
It grows hair --

Some years ago he wrote this one:

To the Tune of "Thank God I'm a Country Boy"

Some people stand
Some people sit
Some people miss
Some people hit
Some people urinate
And other people deficate



Hoping that this evening will be rain shower free as I talked a couple of buddies into tail gating at the Cavaliers baseball game tonight. I talked 'em into some male bonding before the game so I gotta be at the park at 6PM to get my grill fired up.

I've done nothing but snack today so the smell of those Festival Foods "own" brats that I have steamin' with chopped onion in a pot with Leinenkugel's Amber is making my stomach rumble.

So it's time to load up my tail gate supply!


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