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Friday, September 11, 2009


Many times in the past as my wife and I go through the rituals of preparing to go to bed at the end of the day, I mutter: "Maintenance, maintenance, maintenance!". First there's the lining up of medications that I must take daily, then there's the mixing of the Citracel with water to keep regularity, then there's the flossing and the brushing, tsoe and finger nail trimming - maintenance, maintenance, maintenance!

Now there is additional maintenance as I have been recently diagnosed with sleep apnea. The results of the tests were so severe that the sleep doctor, who can't see me for the follow up until September 22, had her office call me and set up an appointment with the supplier of the CPAP equipment immediately.

So yesterday afternoon we traipsed over to Grace Medical Supply and sat through about an hour of indoctrination on use of the machine. After completing the above mentioned maintenance, we got the machine set up bed side. (The cats were very curious about all the cables and the long hose).

I got the mask comfortably in place and got into sleeping position. Now both cats hovered near the bed room door in obvious terror of the alien emitting Darth Vader noise from the bed.

I am proud to announce that I made it through the night, mask in place, with only two stops. The first was the usual potty run. The second was brought on by severe dry mouth about 4 AM so we filled the humidifier section with distilled water and I finished out the night - although the water addition didn't help the dry mouth all that much.

I had an 8:30 meeting with my agent this morning at Perkins. After I got back home I realized that I was still pretty tired so after taking care of e mail I went back to bed with the machine again.

It is now mid afternoon and I am feeling pretty darn good. I know I am doing better - I have volunteered to make supper. So I go now to pick up groceries!

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