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Monday, January 5, 2009


Why is winter harder to handle than it was say even five years ago? There was a time when I looked forward to snow fall as it meant an opportunity to get out the cross country skis, wax 'em up and put in a couple of miles through the woods, communing with nature - reminding myself that it still is out there!

Now my attitude as I trudge from house to office with the frigid air ripping at my lungs is: WELL, WE ARE ONE DAY CLOSER TO SPRING, AREN'T WE?

And that really is not a way to live. I had either best change my attitude or else change my latitude and longitude. something is not working. It is pretty frightening to catch myself saying half aloud while I am making a run for the nearest source of warmth tht I now understand the theory of being a "snow bird", a follower of the sun.

It makes me want to make an old pipe dream of mine come true.

Years ago, I dreamed that one day I would sell the house and auction all my unnecessary stuff and buy a good sized house boat with the proceeds, climb aboard armed with my old guitar and maps of the Mississippi river and simply follow the sun through the four seasons, stopping along the banks of the mighty river to play bars and coffee houses in river towns (I've always been attracted to river towns) to make fuel and grocery money to move on up or down the river as the weather demands.

Talk about the ultimate fishing trip!

Wow! Just putting it down in writing where I can see it brings the dream alive again.


Going on the road for three days later this week. Taking off for Madison to help my cousin Bonnie Allbaugh retire from nursing. then I have a one day layover which I will spend with the Johnson brothers in nearby Windsor, Wisconsin, before heading north a bit to play an annual farm cooperative meeting in Wisconsin Dells.

Will be difficult to be away from Kim and the kittens for that long. We have grown accustomed to being together! But when I get back, we will be three days closer to Spring!


Sent out our invitations to the "Bye Bye You Bastard Bush" party this past weekend. So far, two people have confirmed. Maybe nobody wants to go out in this kind of weather? They are all Republicans? Hell, it's too soon to wonder about it!


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Cordelia said...

I thought you were supposed to be funny....at least, that's what my brother told me.