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Friday, January 30, 2009


It really was time to replace the two love seats that flanked the fire place. The original two which we purchased from Pier One a long time ago, had served their time and were stained with cat vomit from Harley and Hannah. The stains had come out (somewhat) but were still evident. We found two really nice loveseats at Chris Bush's furniture at a very good price. The color is described as "thistle" and as you can see is a sage green.
Kim was worried that they would be two dark but with all the light that comes in from the front of the house - two stories of glass - they really look quite light colored.

The dining room table we replaced was wood and had seen extensively scratching, again from our previous cats. We loaded the couches up and took them to Good Will and were astounded to have the guy reject them because of the staining! (Well LA DE DA!)

So we took them home, unloaded them, and attempted to further remove the stains but with little luck. We decided to take them (and the dining room table and chairs) to Hope Gospel Mission.

When we arrived we found that they had an unmanned drop off point so we quickly unloaded everything and made a speedy getaway.

The new dining table is slate top. We found it at our favorite store (Pier One) but were dissuaded from purchasing because it could only seat four. then it suddenly occurred to me that if we bought a large piece of thick glass that was about 6 inches wider all around we could seat six!

Fortunately, they had a glass top we could experiment with an it worked really well. They only had four chairs but the clerk called the LaCrosse store and we found two more down there so next morning we made a fun day of it - stopping at the Norske Nook in Osseo for late breakfast and returning home by mid afternoon.

All that was left then was to find suitable cushions. Kim found some really great ones yesterday at Kohl's! So we have been doing our best to stimulate the economy. Or at least that is our rationalization.

Speaking of stimulating the economy, I watched the Daily Show with Jon Stewart and I think his economic recovery plan is the BEST. He thinks that the government should lend money to all of the American people who are in debt, who in turn will use that money to pay the banks the money they owe them, making the banks solvent once more and the citizenry free of debt!

I know there are a couple of credit card bills i would like to get a government hand out to pay off! This needs to be examined further. Seriously! Why would this not work???


I am embarrassed to tell you how computer-dependent I have become. My computer has been in the shop for two days and I felt like a heroin junkie who couldn't get a fix!

Somehow I screwed up my e mail account and was unable to receive e mail. They almost had to wrench my IMac from my hot little hands when I took it into the shop. Fortunately, MacMan has a really good crew of tecchies and thanks to Eric I got it back this morning with only a two day absence. I can breathe again!


I am looking forward to the Super Bowl. Mostly because I am going to be able to watch it on a local signal in high definition, but also because I really would like to see the Arizona Cardinals win their first Super Bowl. I am old enough to remember when the great Ollie Matson ran the ball for the Chicago Cardinals.

President Obama and I are having our first disagreement. He is rooting for the Steelers. C'mon O! They have way too many trophies!


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