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Saturday, July 5, 2014


A letter to the editor of this past Sunday, only 63 words long, uses as it’s sole reference Citizens Against Government Waste. That’s one of those very misleading titled organizations like the Koch brothers Americans For Prosperity. I mean, if you take them at their face, just by their titles, you would think to yourself: "Americans for prosperity'? Hey, I'm all for every Americans being prosperous . . bet they are a good group!" "Citizens Against Government Waste?" Well, it's about damn time!" But the truth is both those organizations are about as honestly named as a new housing development calling itself Paradise Prairie. Housing four feet apart ain't no paradise and if it's built on a prairie, well, you can't see the prairie!

CAGW, according to the editorial, scores Senator Ron Johnson at a 100 per cent ranking while Senator Tammy Baldwin was given a 4 per cent rating.

Before you decide that Ron is a “superhero”, (as the author of the editorial did, which almost acted as a laxative to me, because to link Ron Johnson with the word superhero, just about made me shit myself!) you should know that the CAGW has been accused of fronting lobbying efforts of corporations to give them the appearance of “grassroots” support. It has accepted donations from Phillip Morris, the Olin Foundation, The Bradley Foundation, Microsoft, and Exxon-Mobil. Check out how grassroots any of these are!!!

In 2006, The Senate Finance Committee investigating ties between Jack Abrahoff and CAGW stated that CAGW “probably violated their tax-exempt status by laundering payments and then disbursing funds at Mr. Abramoff’s direction; taking payments in exchange for writing newspaper columns or press releases that put Abramoff’s clients in a favorable light; introducing his clients to government officials in exchange for payment, and agreeing to act as a front organization for congressional trips paid for by Abramoff’s clients.”

CAGW also supported a bill that would limit damages resulting from malpractice lawsuits; a bill that consumer watchdog groups opposed heavily.

Sunday’s editorial chose to limit the number of words and quote this right-wing organization as though it is expert and we should unquestionly trust their ratings without knowing their background; a background that includes articles like: “The Veterans Administration is a Socialized Healthcare System”. Ron Johnson, superhero? Ask a veteran.

Yeh, I said it! (had to clean it up for the paper, though.


Man, we had fun being in the Rock Falls Independence Day parade yesterday! Check out the photos on my Face book home page. Kim and I have marched (well, Kim marched, I drove either the Model A or Jeff's big Pick-em-up truck because Larry's a cripple you know) in parades in Maiden Rock, Mondovi, and now Rock Falls. I know what you are thinking . . Rock Falls, a parade? What a joke! But you'd be wrong . . there were more entries in the parade and more peole along the route than any of the other parades.

Afterwards, Jeff invited everyone out to the ranch for brats, hot dogs, and everybody bought a dish to pass. I brought two rhubarb/custard pies as our offering.

What's really cool is that the number of Dems walking along with Jeff are way more than his opponent has. And every parade that number grows.

If you are an independent or are leaning (D), you really should join us in the next one. Just go to "Jeff Smith for 93rd Assembly" Facebook page and find out what's next.


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