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Thursday, June 21, 2012


Hard to believe that it has been over two months since my last entry and I would suppose that the few readers I may have garnered in the past have long since given up on me. I guess I just didn't have that much to write about. Until yesterday. Yesterday I had to run into town because I was once again having difficulty getting one of my prescriptions filled due to a SNAFU between my doctor and my druggist. Before I left the house, I hooked my cell phone (in it's relatively new pouch with a plastic clip on the back for that purpose) to the lip of my left front pocket. Previously I had been carrying it without a case but it had an annoying habit of taking pictures of the inside of my pocket, and occasionally I would hear this little voice saying "please say the name of the person you are calling". Very disconcerting. Anyway, I first stopped at Walgreen's to see if my prescription had at last been filled and of course it had not, so I proceeded to drive across town to the clinic and pick up the prescription in person. I returned to Walgreen's to have it filled and since I knew it would ttake a while, I decided to use that time to grocery shop at the nearby MEGA foods supermarket. After I finished getting what I needed to make supper, I returned to Walgreen's and picked up my prescription at the drive up window, then headed back out here. As I was unloading groceries I looked down at my left pocket and -- no phone. Already starting to panic (I'm good at the early panic) I rushed out to the car thinking to myself" "Please God, let me have taken it off and put in on the passenger seat." No such luck. So I proceeded to search the car, under the seats, even in the back seat. Isn't it weird how when you lose something you look in places that you know the item could never be? So I went in the house, told Kim that I had lost my phone and that I was going back into town to retrace my steps. As I drove into town I mulled over where I had been and when I had last seen the phone. I remembered that I still had it when I left the clinic because I thought about calling Kim to complain about the whole prescription thing so I knew that was one less place I had to go. My first stop was back at Walgreen's because when I had taken the prescription for filling, I actually went into the building. I asked whether anyone had turned in a cell phone in a black case with a velcro latch and the answer, of course, was no. So I went down the road to MEGA foods and went to the service desk and asked the same question and got the same response. I decided I would canvass the entire store in hopes of -- to no avail. As I went past the service desk something (luckily) told me to ask the girls to give me a minute to get back to my car and then dial my cell number. I got into my car and waited but no phone ring. I started leaving the lot and suddenly I hear my phone ringing! And it's close! I pull over, swing the driver's door open and get down on my haunches trying to find where the sound is coming from. The ringing continues for a while, then stops. I rush back into the store with my good and bad news: Yes, the phone is in my car- no, I can't find it. I ask them to give me a minute and then dial the number again. Back in the vehicle and the ringing starts and it is definitely right on the drivers side of the car. I can even feel the vibrations when it rings but I'll be damned if I can locate the phone! The girls keep dialing and I keep looking, getting more frustrated by the minute - I mean, IT'S RIGHT HERE SOMEWHERE! Then something makes me look up the side of the seat instead of down - and there, neatly velcroed around the seat belt (as if I put it there myself) is my ringing phone. Now how weird is that???????? I went in the store, phone in hand and thanked my helpers. They, too, were stunned with the story. Don't ask me how this happened. I have no idea. I guess when I released the seat belt upon arriving home, it somehow pulled the phone and case off my pocket, forcing itself between the velcro and the case and when it reached its pinnacle, the force of it closed the velcro. TOO WEIRD!!!! ________________________________________________ As long as I am finally writing again, here is some catch up on a few things. Since I last wrote, I went looking for gainful employment by day. I applied as a courtesy driver at all the Eau Claire dealerships with no luck, then went out to Hallie and asked to fill out an application at the Toyota dealership. Katie Shumacher, the wonderful woman who makes the place run, hired me on the spot. Not as a courtesy driver, but as a what I call "car wrangler". Let's say that there's a Toyota dealership in Rochester, MN that needs a Venza of a color they don't have and Markquart has one and needs a Toyota Pathfinder in exchange. That's where I come in. I take the Markquart auto to the other dealership, fill out paperwork, and return in the vehicle needed back at Hallie. It has been fun work so far - but I am still screwing up on paperwork once in a while and this week I didn't get called to drive at all so I am worried that maybe I have worn out my welcome. My other gainful employment is due to my wife Kim who I now refer to as my "Nursing Home Agent". She takes entire afternoons to call al the area facilities and gets me what money she can and it has been both fun and a godsend. In fact, I am going over to Chippewa Falls this afternoon to do a show.

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